Come for a Walk with me!

“I’m off for a walk around the garden with the camera” is a regular call back to the Head Gardener as I go out the kitchen door. It is something I do almost every day and you might well wonder what I find to photograph that’s different to the previous day but I have noticed that the more often one looks at a garden the more one sees and spots little changes, the latest emerged flower which was in bud and promising to open yesterday is at its best today. There is also the very simple fact that I enjoy looking at the plants and flowers and looking at them everyday, and several times each day, does not make that enjoyment any the less.

It also fits well with the old maxim of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and, let’s face it, it is better that I avoid becoming any duller than I am at present. Looking and enjoying is part of gardening, similar to gardeners positioning seats in the garden where there is a nice view so they can sit, relax and enjoy the surroundings they have created themselves. I am less given to the sitting and more inclined strolling about, stopping and examining, and taking my photographs. I enjoy the photography itself and going back over the photographs later in the evening, adding names, recalling the plants and, perhaps, thinking of little jobs to be done – I don’t do a lot of that sort of thinking, to be honest. That’s why we have a Head Gardener!

Enough waffle, you grasp the setting, and here are the photographs from the morning walkabout, in the sequence of my walk. Click to enlarge and to start a slideshow:

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