The Last Half-Hour

Photographers describe the first and last hours of the day as the golden hours for photography as the light is soft without the glare, high contrast and harsh shadows of the middle of the day. The light is more balanced and gentle.

Here is a set of photographs from a walk around in the fading light this evening:


7 thoughts on “The Last Half-Hour

  1. Oh I so needed a lovely tour around your garden this evening! Thank you so much, Paddy. You can see the pink hue in the sky in a number of pictures, I’m sure it was a pretty sunset. So many beautiful aspects of your garden. 🙂

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    1. I presume the raided beds are in the vegetable patch and not regarded as being very attractive so don’t get the attention of the camera so often. It’s a great pastime and we spend most days in the garden. I’m taking a day off today – to visit a garden – as my poor body is wrecked after spending the last two days cutting a hedge back to its bare bones to rejuvenate it. “Scairting” a hedge was the term my father used for this. Tough work!

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