Shifting ‘Helen Tomlinson’

She was due a move and she would have to admit to that herself. I had noticed the signs as early as last December, that overcrowding that comes from some years of being left undisturbed, of being allowed to increase numbers unchecked to the point of overcrowding, to the point of spilling bulbs onto the surface of the soil, layer upon layer, though in fairness it had made no noticeable impact on flowering which continued unabated and unimpinged. Immediate first aid was simply the application of a layer of leafmould on the exposed bulbs with a promise of more permanent treatment when time allowed and plans had been made.

Despite being overcrowded Galanthus ‘Helen Tomlinson’ continued to perform wonderfully and produce an excellent display of flowers.

The plans were finalised today, a new location for all those extra bulbs had been selected and prepared and Galanthus ‘Helen Tomlinson’ was lifted, separated and replanted – some where they had already been planted and the majority in the new location with hopes both groups would be well for a number of years to come.

Lifted and ready to move – and delighted to see such fine healthy bulbs despite their being overcrowded.
A few replanted in the same position, nicely spaced so as not to become overcrowded again for some years…I hope!
Loaded up and ready to go – on top of a load of leafmould which will settle them nicely into their new location
The ground was dug only shallowly because of the roots of the shrub – Osmanthus x burkwoodii – and a generous layer of leafmould was spread to receive the incoming bulbs. This is an out of the way spot, at the back of a deep border, but ‘Helen Tomlinson’ is a large and shown snowdrop and will shine in its new location.
All settled in where they should do well for a few years ahead. Galanthus ‘Helen Tomlinson’ is one of my favourite snowdrops and I look forward to it flowering here and, of course, in its old spot as well. It was shifting her!

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