And then it rained!

How peculiar that we found it surprising to have a night of rain in the middle of winter! Rain is part of life in Ireland – you know the old saying, “If you can’t see the hill, it’s raining and if you can see the hill, it’s going to rain.” We have had a very long spell of dry weather which was just perfect for gardening and we have managed to get a huge amount of tidying up done in the garden especially in the last week or two so this rain came as a change to what had become normal to us. It was certainly cold on some days but an extra layer of clothing made working comfortable and we were able to spend long days outdoors and were very happy with what we managed to get done.

Last night brought torrential rain, driven by strong wind so the garden has puddles in several places today and the ground is now too soft for gardening. There will be a rest from gardening for a few days before we get back to it again.

A few shots from elsewhere in the garden today:

The rain will pass, the garden will dry out again and we will be back to gardening soon!

11 thoughts on “And then it rained!

    1. Today has dawned bright and dry. The ground is still very wet but I have a mountain of material to put through the shredded and on to the compost heap so that will keep me busy. And, I can always photograph a few snowdrops!

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  1. Hello Paddy,
    Doesn’t it always make you marvel at snowdrops’ resilience as flowering plants – coming up in the coldest of weather and shrugging off such deluges, then bouncing back when the clouds pass, and the sun shines once more? True beacons of hope.
    Always good we find to get a wet out day once in a while to have a breather from too much work! 64 mm of rain in 36 hours here, and still falling. Springs flowing out from under the barns, and we even heard water running in the land drain outside the back door, which I’ve never heard before. To be fair, this winter is panning out exactly as our Met Office had predicted in November – becoming wetter and windier and (quite) mild as we headed into the latter part.
    best wishes

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    1. We have such a land drain across from our kitchen window and it is the sign of really heavy rain when we hear it running and it is still running this morning though we had no significant rain yesterday.

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