Briefly Brexity

December 9th: I placed an order for A Passion for Snowdrops with Summerfield Books (in the UK)

December 10th: Summerfield Books acknowledged receipt of my order.

December 10th: Summerfield Books had finished processing my order and had dispatched it with Royal Mail. £14.95 for the book; £4.60 for postage – a total of £19.55.

December 28th: An email from An Post (the Irish Postal Service) told me that the package had been valued at €23.25 and that a VAT (Value Added Tax) of €5.34 was being applied along with a fee of €3.50 to An Post for handling this VAT charge, a total of €8.84.

January 17th: The book arrived! Total cost: €32.09.

18 thoughts on “Briefly Brexity

  1. This is so annoying. I told my relatives to please not send me presents last (this) Christmas. But some disobeyed and I had to pay VAT on the gifts. Even though VAT had been paid on them in the UK. Someone is getting very wealthy from all this – and not us! But it looks a nice book – enjoy!

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  2. Brexit was probably the worst idea in the History of the Universe! But let your love of snowdrops and the finer things in life carry you through … Happy New Year!

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    1. Best wishes, Angela. Brexit has put big obstacles in sourcing snowdrop from the UK, even the normal swapping with friends there.


  3. Saddened to read your comments in respect of ‘A Passion for Snowdrops.
    Currently available from Wordery @ £13.53 (free postage) & Bookdepository @ £14.31 (free postage).
    Apologies for May be spoiling your day!!!

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    1. The problems arose when the package entered Ireland and was considered to be subject to taxation! But, as you have show, I could have saved money elsewhere – a sign that it is not selling well, I imagine.


  4. Hello Paddy
    Sincerely hope that you have claimed back your €8.84 from
    Books, except certain categories of which your is not, are totally VAT free in Ireland, irrespective of whether they are imported or not.
    Regards to Mary and may this blessed Covid pass soon so we can have our meetings.

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    1. I heard that the club that meets at the Nemo Rangers grounds is hoping to have meetings again. I was contacted to give a talk in March but I declined as I am still nervous of social gatherings. All I need now is an accountant to deal with my €8.84 overpayment in tax! Online with me! Mary says to say “Hello”.


  5. Not just books!! My copy of The Garden, and The Plant Review, monthly magazines, are no longer being sent out by post, only online copies if you are in Europe. The comedians in charge in Whitehall have to negotiate VAT deals with any and every country that is receiving the mags. So….the Plant Review will go to my sister for forwarding, The Garden I will try online….but will probably say not to bother once the subs run out. Stephen

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  6. What’s extra annoying about these new taxes is that the VAT is calculated on the contents plus the postage, as I discovered when a friend in the US sent me a low value Christmas gift and I had to pay €20 to receive it. So I was largely charged Irish VAT on American postage!
    Paddy, do you have a local bookshop that will order books for you? Might save some of the extra cost.

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    1. Yes, going through a local shop might be the way to go but we have become so used to the convenience of the internet that we will have to change habits.

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