Dinner for Two!

I’ll be brief for that would be most appropriate on the evening that’s in it – Christmas Eve!

Our practices of many years have come down upon us with more than a sense of “There’s no fool like an old fool” for we have continued the practices of many years without ever considering that times and circumstances have changed. The Christmas Eve dinner – ham, boiled and then baked with a glaze, dauphinoise potatoes and Brussels sprouts followed by Christmas Pudding and Brandy Butter – has been the same for many years but we have made the mistake of continuing to prepare it in portions suitable to the days when we had three fine young men in the house who could dispatch large portions of ham at one sitting and more later in the evening in sandwiches, leaving enough to serve with the turkey on Christmas Day. This evening, our tummies are more than full and there are plans that the ham may be converted to croquettes or to another old favourite, ham roll, later in the week for it is certainly beyond our capacities to eat it all.

One must also feast the eyes while eating!

It must have been an enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner for two of the three sons have reported that they are having the same themselves this evening. We will be together in eating the ham dinner at least even if we cannot be together under the one roof.

Happy Christmas!

18 thoughts on “Dinner for Two!

  1. Thank you for making me smile! I have a similar problem— in my mind shopping and cooking for a big household, but in reality it has shrunk. Enjoy your twosome state. I love your gardening blog which I’ve only recently discovered. Have a merry blessed Christmas and Happy New Year Mary Macdonald



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  2. A quote variously attributed to Dorothy Parker or Irma Rombauer is that the definition of “Eternity is two people and a ham”. Not a bad way to spend it, in my view. Merry Christmas to you both!

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    1. Tá gloine iontach mór uisce beatha in aice liom anseo. Bhí mo mhac, a bhean chéile agus na garpháistí linn ar feadh tamaill ar maidin agus anois táimid beirt anseo go breá ciúin agus ar ár suaimhneas; an dinnéar sa sorn etc. Lá aoibheann! Seolam chugat na guíanna is fearr atá agam agus súil agam go bhfuil sibh go léir go maith agus go mbeidh Nollaig … chomh maith agus is féidir libh agaibh – tá do mháthair ar chúl m’aigne agam agus mé á rá sin. Sláinte mhaith, a chara!


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