Storm Barra has arrived, is with us and will remain with us for a while longer.

Our area has an Orange-level weather warning in operation – very strong winds, heavy rain, probable flooding, some damage etc – and has lived up to the forecast so far today. I was woken around six this morning by rain pelting against the window and these conditions are likely to continue until tomorrow morning.

The road outside the house has escaped flooding

Thankfully, as I write, there has been no damage to the house and only minor damage in the garden – one small tree down, Cornus alternifolia ‘Argentea’, and some small branches scattered about but nothing hugely significant. In contrast, a relatively large tree fell across the road nearby and as it lay on the electricity wires the repair engineers were called to remove it. For their safety they disconnected the supply but we were without electricity for only an hour, so a very small inconvenience. I must comment that the electricity workers deserve great praise and thanks for their work. They were out in what were certainly very difficult conditions, especially for the man who was raised on the cherry picker to the top of the electricity pole to make the necessary repairs. On such a windy day this was not the place for the faint-hearted.

Cornus alternifolia ‘Argentea’, a victim of the strong winds of Storm Barra.
A tree blocking our road. You may notice the legs of the workers beneath the trunk as they work to clear it and also the engineer on the pole behind, reconnecting the supply.

Our view to the river changed with the high tide this morning. It was an especially high tide, one of the seasonal spring tides, and when driven by the following strong winds it broke the banks and flooded the field – the mash – between us and the river. It will drain away again via a sluice gate as the tide drops though it may take a few days to empty completely. Thankfully, it came no further than the mash and our road remained clear so travel was possible though we have no need nor desire to do so.

We will settle down for the rest of the day; hope the electricity supply isn’t disrupted further and that we will be able to cook the dinner later this evening. If any of you are living under the influence of Storm Barra I hope that you are safe and well and that the sun shines on us all tomorrow!

Views across the flooded fields to Grannagh Castle on the other side of the river.

And, finally, a view along the river to the old Red Iron Bridge – a now disused railway bridge.

A parting thought: As I was returning from taking this last photograph, which was taken from beneath the new bridge near our house, I met two women heading out to the same viewpoint, both dressed for the dreadful weather and carrying binoculars. They were going to survey the riverbank in hopes of spotting the body of a local man who has been missing for the last three weeks. We have small troubles in comparison.

15 thoughts on “Barra-caded!

  1. Hello Paddy,
    Great to hear that you’ve escaped relatively lightly – we were worried having seen the eye of the storm images on Ventusky. It seemed like Southern Ireland was the epicentre of the strongest winds in the whole world today! I concur with your thoughts about the power network engineers. Really brave fellows, best wishes for a calmer night/tomorrow,

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    1. Still windy here, 10pm, and likely to continue overnight it would seem. I joined the talk but left early. I had read the book and enjoyed it.


  2. Seeing the flooding of the field beside you brings home how we all need to make adjustments in our lives as we fend off the first of the really bad winter storms. I am thankful that the midlands are not faring too badly yet – but we are assured we haven’t experienced our worst winds yet!!!! The rain is a bit unreal but otherwise all O.K. I so agree with you about the ESB crews – such heroes! My daughers best friend was the daughter of one of these heroes and I remember her casually saying how her Daddy was called out at all hours of the night!

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  3. Hi PaddyMy book arrived today. Again thank you for the competition,  looking forward to reading it.I have been sick for last few years and  gardening is so important to my well being. Now I can add fern s to my garden 😊Wishing you a happy Christmas RegardsMarie Sent from my Galaxy

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    1. Thank goodness. I was inclined to fret that you would be worried it wasn’t coming as it can take a while for books to come from publishers. Hope you feel better very quickly and that you enjoy the book. Best wishes.


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