From Boardwalk and Dashboard

We took ourselves off to Youghal today as we had it in mind for some time to see the boardwalk on the seafront there. It has been there since 2015 but we were giving it time to settle in and be sure it was solid and safe to walk on! A friend posted a photograph from a walk he had taken there a few weeks ago and spurred us to finally go for the walk.

The walk from the centre of town to The Front Strand is very pleasant and the boardwalk connects the far end of The Front Strand to Youghal Beach and on to Redbarn Beach and it is possible to continue beyond that on a narrow path at the head of the shore. We parked at Youghal Beach, walked towards Redbarn and went beyond before turning around and walking into the town and the photographs are organised in that sequence.

On the drive home I had my camera on my lap and took the opportunity to snap away through the windscreen. I wasn’t driving, I hasten to add, and also must compliment the driver’s calm tolerance and ability to concentrate in the face of such nuisance. Nonetheless, it is an interesting way to record a drive and went well until the light faded about twenty five minutes from home. The journey was lengthened by a stop in Dungarvan for a treat of fish and chips, a regular stop for us when we are in that side of the county.

If you haven’t been to Youghal, there is much to recommend a visit and the boardwalk is certainly a very pleasant walk. Of course, Dungarvan is far the nicer place and, of course, I would say that as I was born there! Perfectly biased!


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