Lismore Castle, End of Season.

We made what we imagine to be our last visit of the season to Lismore Castle Gardens on Sunday last. On our previous visit it was obvious that the display in the flower beds was coming to a close so this was one more of a sense of seeing out the season than with any expectation that the gardens would look particularly good. Indeed, the gardeners had called an end to the year in several areas as beds had been cleared, with plants cut down and removed. The wildflower planting under the trees in the orchard had been cut down and piled into one of their annual arrangements, not unlike a teepee in shape, to be left stand and decay in their own time which, it seems, will take several years given the number of older such arrangements dotted around. We had hoped that the work on the vinery would be complete but it wasn’t. On our last visit, it seemed to be all hands on deck to install the glazing but there was some work yet to be done. I can only look forward to seeing it next season.

I hope you enjoy these photographs from last Sunday’s visit.

When one enters the garden, there is a high terrace immediately to the left, part of what were the defenses of the castle in past times, I imagine, and they afford a great overview of the grounds, its setting in the countryside, the castle and the gardens:

A brief look at the vinery where restoration work is continuing:

Then, through the gardens, a wander about along the central double border, the open area to the front of the castle, and the several side areas before going to the lower garden – a grand tour of sorts!

We went on, after our visit to Lismore Castle Gardens, to see the Towers at Ballysaggartmore which are only a few kilometres from Lismore, five minutes in the car. A short woodland walk brings the stroller to some astonishing and seemingly inexplicable buildings, now completely out out of place and context. The history is very interesting and I suggest you read the Robert’s entry in the Roaringwater Journal for an excellent account. In brief, a wealthy landlord set out to build a fabulous house. He began with the gate lodge and a bridge over a stream before his fortunes changed and the house was never built. One can only imagine that it would have been magnificent.

The gate lodge:

A few minutes walk through the woodland brought us to the bridge:

We have enjoyed our several visits to Lismore Castle Gardens over the course of the season and I recommend the season ticket as great value. The town itself is very interesting and there is also a very pleasant walk along the riverbank, around and back to the town.

6 thoughts on “Lismore Castle, End of Season.

    1. Phew, I inadvertently clicked and put your comment into the “trash” stash but have recovered it! The grounds are quite compact so a two hour stroll covers them at ease – of course, should you wish to stop for a cake and coffee, or have your picnic, you can add another hour. We took a season ticket at the start of the year and have had excellent value from it and have enjoyed the gardens very much over the seasons. It is one of those gardens which has a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, not at all the formality and grandeur we might associate with such a grand building.

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      1. Ah, I have no doubt but it will be completed. It is very close to being finished. I was enjoying watching progress from one visit to another and had hoped to see it finished by the end of the season.

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  1. What a gem! I don’t think I’ve been there (yet). This week I managed to visit Powerscourt House & Gardens for the first time. Their herbaceous gardens are still going strong (it was my favorite section of the gardens). But as you say, unlike here, it is all on a very grand scale.

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