A Walk about the Garden.

When the light is right it is very easy to spend the few minutes it takes to stroll around the garden and take photographs. Over time, many of the shots become routine – the regular views are taken regularly but, rather than becoming repetitive they show the changes of the seasons and the changes of the light so the same view may be quite different each time one looks. And then, of course, there will always be a new flower to catch the eye, a new plant coming to its best and always and ever something to catch the eye and remind one of a job to be done.

However, for the moment, for there will always be work to be done in a garden, let’s forget work and enjoy the garden:

And then, there are the individuals which catch the eye and were worth photographing – I have posted photographs of the colchicums earlier today as I felt they deserved a blog entirely to themselves. This hawthorn, Crataegus prunifolius, is giving another display of interest. It is a tree very well worth its place in the garden with excellent spring flower, an impressive set of haws each year and excellent autumn colour.

Some other individuals which caught my eye today:

Viburnum setigerum, a shrub of upright habit which has an excellent set of berries each year. Despite this generous set, I have never noticed seedlings around it.
Fascicularia bicolor, certainly an interesting plant though very uncomfortable to handle. “Baboon’s Bum” is a common name!
A planting combination I like very much: Aster ‘Little Carlow’ in the background. The deep pink-flowered sedum came from cuttings of ‘Purple Emperor’ which seemed to revert after propagation. Bergenia ciliata has great big leaves which will go brown with the first frosts and die to the ground but will return perfectly next spring and the sedum to the front is ‘Autumn Joy’.
A lazy photograph – taken from inside the house, looking out the window of the livingroom, to show the Cyclamen hederifolium growing under the gingko tree.
A poppy without a name, grown from a pinch of seed from a friend’s garden some years ago and it has continued through its self-seeding since.

11 thoughts on “A Walk about the Garden.

  1. Thank you for a lovely virtual stroll round your garden Paddy! It is looking pristine and reflects the long hours you and Mary put into it, I can’t believe how mature the White Garden is! I saw it when it was newly planted so it is great to see it looking so good!

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    1. There are two clumps of crinum, white and pink, which each came from a single bulb given to us by a man, Sean Hutchinson, now deceased, who used walk along our road in the days we were starting our garden, a kind gift!


  2. What a gorgeous garden! It is looking lovely Paddy, and it is good to see how you have carefully combined the various plants in each border. I’m afraid that my garden is just the opposite, but as it matures and the soil improves I will be able to take more care and planning as to what I plant.

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  3. Hello Paddy,
    The garden is looking lovely, full of colour and immaculate as always. I think your opening paragraph is spot on for any gardener/photographer, and the benefits over the long term to (particularly) the gardening team (!) in having such a record to refer to, and assess over time are invaluable.
    For us distant viewers, we can just enjoy the vistas and plants, with none of the demanding work in creating the scenes, both physically and digitally. So thanks for sharing them,
    best wishes

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  4. Looking lovely, such neat edges too, you’ve been busy! The hawthorns are such a pretty sight now, and I really like viburnum berries, they have a translucent glow to them – we have V. opulus in the forest here and I am thinking of getting one for the garden.

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