There Were Other Geese!

John said that my day had been a wild goose chase, a search in vain, and while there was a grain of truth in what he said it was far from an accurate description of the day. John had come on a record of one of our very attractive native Irish orchids, Autumn Lady’s Tresses (Spiranthes spiralis), at Forenaught Beach and I went in search.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a sign of Autumn Lady’s Tresses but there were small areas of the slim sand dune running along the beach which were typical of the habitat where it is usually found so it is not at all impossible that it grew there at one time and might well grow there again – a good reason to return in coming years.

Forenaugh Beach is not the most accessible, with narrow approach roads and no car-parking spaces, and ,though we regularly visit a beach which is at the other side of a small headland and within a few hundred metres, I reckon it is almost fifty years since I was there. In the early 70s I used go there to help a friend who was licensed to net and ring birds. His interests in nature ranged far and wide and time with him sparked an interest in me which has lasted since. Good memories!

Although there was no Autumn Lady’s Tresses on this occasion, there were many other interesting wildflowers to see. So, it was certainly not a wild goose chase! There were other geese!

8 thoughts on “There Were Other Geese!

    1. I posted an album of the same photographs on a Facebook forum and had the same suggestion – twice – so I reckon it is a very good suggestion. Many thanks for taking the time!


    1. I think the tomato plant is just that – as we grow them at home, it would be familiar. Herb Robert is not out of the question but the foliage was far more delicate and light. Beaches are very interesting for plants.

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