Follow me up to Carlow!

It’s a long time since that Planxty song came into my mind but it was what popped up when I came to write of our visit to Altamont Gardens yesterday. Follow the link for a blast from the past!

Yes, it was a bright and warm day and we thought Monday would be a quiet day to visit a garden, a day when few others would be there so that we would feel Covid-safe etc. As it turned out, the carpark was already full when we arrived mid-morning but the garden is big enough to accommodate the numbers so it was not a problem though, for some reason or other, we met and greeted one lady several times in our wanderings around the one-way system in place in the gardens and round the lake.

Rosa ‘Sally Holmes’

Snowdrops in spring are a great attraction in Altamont and it is also an excellent time of the year to view the whole garden. Clear bright spring days while the garden has still not filled with the growth of early summer allow one to see the excellent bones of the garden and especially to enjoy the views around the lake. Having said that, it is a garden which is enjoyable at any time of the year and so it proved again yesterday.

I’ll let my photographs bring you with me around the garden. We began at the entrance courtyard before going to the rear of the house which features the central path, bordered with box hedging and rose beds and the iconic yew arches leading towards the lake – which was manmade, by the way.

The lake is both a place to walk and to sit and simply enjoy the view, the wildlife and the sounds. Birds featured large yesterday with adult and young ducks and moorhens especially numerous.

Then, on we went for a walk around the lake which is always very pleasant. The walk down through the glen to the banks of the River Slaney was closed because a tree had come down so that longer walk with the 100 Steps ascent from the river was out of bounds yesterday.

Along the way, my eye was taken by the small statues placed to mark feature points:

We dropped into the Walled Garden before taking a stroll down the avenue and having lunch at one of the picnic tables near the carpark and, even though Robert Millar’s Altamont Plants always has the most excellent selection of desirable treasures for the garden we didn’t visit because of the number of people there. Otherwise, another pleasant day at Altamont.

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