Hydrangea Heaven!

Oh, it wasn’t a great start to the day and I’m not really the better of it yet. Performance piddling – Flow and Scan – is not especially demanding but neither is it my favourite first thing in the morning activity. The necessity of taking on extra liquid to ensure a release at the appointment time is understandable but it ledt me feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the morning. The Head Gardener took pity on me, I think, and suggested an afternoon walk in Mount Congreve Gardens which are only ten minutes away and I was only delighted to do just that.

This border in the Walled Garden is an excellent introduction to the pleasure of the Hydrangea Walk out in the Woodland Garden and any visit is made all the better by time with the Garden Curator, Michael White.

There is always something of interest in Mount Congreve. The woodland garden has entered its quiet phase with the passing of the flowering periods of Magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias yet there are still spots of interest and much of beauty. It is also the season for the hydrangeas to feature and, with about a kilometre of them along the path at the lower level of the garden, they certainly are both beautiful and impressive.

A selection of views along the Hydrangea Walk:

And, some individual hydrangea flowerheads:

And, if one must pick a favourite on the day, it has to be Hydrangea ‘Anthony Bullevant’

The hydrangeas may be the highlight plants of the moment but there are many other parts of the garden which I always enjoy:

Probably my favourite spot in the garden at all seasons of the year: The Dell

Finally, a few odds and ends from another very enjoyable visit to Mount Congreve Gardens:

13 thoughts on “Hydrangea Heaven!

  1. The pictures of the hydrangeas brought back memories of my grandmother. She loved hydrangeas and had several planted in her garden. I was always amazed that the acidity of soil changed the color of the flowers.

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    1. Yes, the idea of their being plants of our grandmother’s time has stuck with them but there are so many new cultivars coming along nowadays that they are enjoying a revival of popularity.

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  2. I love the mix of shades along the wall.
    Here you are lucky to get a few blooms after an easy winter, and since it was an easy winter several of my friends have said it’s an excellent year… but it would raise your eyebrows to see what we call a good year. At Mount Congreve our best plants would probably be removed from the garden for fear they’re virused or have some other fatal flaw!

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    1. I’m having a little bother with some hydrangea plants at home with four to five in a bed of about 20 looking a little miserable. I think it is time for decisive action – complete removal and replacement.

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  3. Such a beautiful garden, you certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. We’ve been visiting family in Belfast and I’m always amazed at the colour intensity of the blue Hydrangeas. Pink and white in my garden. I’ve managed to squeeze in eight smallish varieties though.

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