Lismore Castle Gardens – with lots of Photographs!

Our season ticket to Lismore Castle Gardens has been well used this year and we certainly have had excellent value for money from it. It’s an hour’s drive, 70Km, gate to gate but because of road works and a diversion today’s journey took an hour and a half but it brought us to parts of the county that we hardly ever travel and our return journey, better planned, took us through the beautiful Dromana Gate, something very special.

Each visit this year has given the very enjoyable opportunity to view progress on the restoration of the Paxton Vinery which was built in 1853 but had, as might be expected over that intervening span of years, fallen into disrepair. Have a read of Head Gardener, Darren Topp’s account of the vinery for more information. The restoration is being done by the same company which worked on the glasshouses in the gardens at Fota House so there is every reason to expect the result will be wonderful.

The construction work has been all but completed and the glazing of the roof was in hand today – and there are hundreds and hundreds of panes of glass and it seems hardly one with a right angle among them! Here are a few photographs from today.

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We have visited the gardens at Lismore Castle every few weeks since spring and have been delighted each time to find a new display of colour in one area or another so that each visit brought us back to something familiar and enjoyed and surprised us with something new. The highlight of yesterday’s visit was the central double borders which are always interesting but were especially so with the flowering of phlox and hydrangeas.

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Of course, the central double borders were not the only areas of interest and there was, as always, plenty of beauty around the upper garden.

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The very unusual transfer from upper to lower garden is via the building in the photograph. This photograph is on the upper level and one enters the building, which traverses the entrance avenue to the castle, and goes downstairs in the building on the left to the lower garden which is mainly a spring garden with rhododendron, camellias and the most fabulous specimen Magnolia campbellii which on its own merits a visit.

Although the lower garden is especially attractive in spring and early summer there is plenty of beauty and interest there at the moment. Hoheria, Clerodendron and Eucryphia are into flower and are very attractive.

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As ever, the eye is drawn to attractive flowers and there is never a shortage of plants of interest in the gardens, always something new, something beautiful:

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Finally, Dromana Gate, which was on our detoured route home:

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If you would like to read more about Lismore Castle Gardens you can do so by visiting their website:


11 thoughts on “Lismore Castle Gardens – with lots of Photographs!

  1. Great to see. My friend David , in third photo, has been working on the restoration for months and months. They were asked to put in the glass though his first skill is a a carpenter, joiner, and last night I was talking to him and he said there was piles and piles of glass . IT was he and his partner who were so kind to me during lock up and delivered me Sunday dinner every weekend for ages.I must go and visit.

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    1. We had a good chat with them yesterday – as we had on our previous visit. Two grand men, very friendly, and exceptionally skilled workers. It really is an amazing piece of work they have done.


  2. That is insane! I’m impressed that they can restore a glasshouse like that, I hope the work lasts for years and years now.
    A beautiful visit again, and the gate was an excellent diversion for the return trip.

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    1. The quality of the work on the glasshouse is outstanding and it will be wonderful to see it fully restored and in use again.


    1. Work was delayed by Covid but has been ongoing since spring of this year and is in the final phase now. I’m looking forward to seeing it completed.

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