Just Taking Five!

The temperature dropped to a more comfortable level today and it was very pleasant. We both woke early this morning and between that and, I reckon, accumulated tiredness from the past week we were not in form for gardening today and decided to have a day of rest. Mary did go out to empty the coffee pot and returned about two hours later as she spotted some flowers that needed to be deadheaded. In her absence, I looked at a film on Netflix (not a particularly good one, as it turned out) and caught up on the ironing – a chore the Head Gardener hates.

By early afternoon, I had tired of being indoors and took the camera outside for a little walk around and here are those things which caught my eye today:

9 thoughts on “Just Taking Five!

  1. Some lovely things there. Seeing the paris berries reminds me that there are signs that autumn is coming. I saw a cyclamen leaf yesterday. We are due some rain tonight I think so that will get them popping up. Love the watsonias. My first attempt with them here is not really successful but I will try again – they are so lovely.

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    1. So, good I took another one today and spent the morning eating cake, picking strawberries and rolling in the high grass with my grandchildren. Now, I’m whacked and an taking an infusion of wine in hopes of recovery.


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