Roaring along the Road.

The title, and the content, are more than a nod to Fionola’s recent blog from west Cork in the Roaringwater Journal she and Robert write and which features all they have found of interest in their neighbourhood whether it be architecture, history, the great outdoors and all things natural. Finola’s recent post was about the wildflowers she found in her immediate vicinity (Wandering the Boreens ‹ Roaringwater Journal ‹ Reader — and I enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d do the same myself.

Now, Finola is obviously more musically inclined than I am and has a musical background to her slideshow but the technical aspects of doing this are beyond me and will remain beyond me as I am the most unmusical of people and have no doubt my choice would probably not be suitable – probably “Welcome to the Jungle” from Guns N’ Roses might well be top of my list but only for the simple reason that I listened to it for some years in the car as I transported our youngest son to school. To be honest to Finola, I only realised she had music to her slideshow because she told us what it was as I have the sound on my laptop turned off by default.

My walk for wildflowers was a very, very local one, just along the road from our house, about 150 metres, and a shorter step down to the bank of the river. It was too hot to do much outdoors here yesterday but I tired of sitting indoors and went for this short stroll. Although it was only a short outing there was a good number of wildflowers to be noticed.

Post Scriptum: Yikes! The last one is Marsh Bedstraw – it looks so like Common Valerian in the thumbnails.

Finola has the eagle eye!

11 thoughts on “Roaring along the Road.

    1. Bindweed is beautiful in its own context! Don’t ask me why, but a childhood name for this bindweed was “Dead Man’s Lily”! A peculiar one!


  1. Hi Paddy,
    Amazing what one can find on a road trip.
    I have been reading your blog about snowdrops,you have good collection ,I see you have Gal Teresa she
    Is my daughter , lost my bulbs notagood grower with me,also my own drop Phil Cornish is not a good doer
    Very frustrating .if you would be interested in swops ?
    Would love to see your garden,no chance unfortunately.
    Take care all

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Phil, Yes, I’ve had ‘Teresa’ from Sharron White two years ago and it seems to be getting along fine here. I’ll take a note and see how it does this coming year and, if ready to split, I’ll send some on to you. Again, yes, very unfortunately, your namesake has been struggling along here. I had two flowers under a cedar tree in February 2021 – I’ve just checked my photographs – and I hope it increases now as it is a very attractive flower; as good as they get! You will see me posting on the usual Facebook forums and if there is anything which takes your fancy let me know – if I can spare them, you are most welcome to them.


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