It’s Just Too Hot!

That was the week that was in it – it was just too hot!

We had the rain last weekend – and it was very welcome – but the week quickly changed to clear days and scorching sunshine with 26C here on Wednesday afternoon. Common sense would have told me that it was not suitable weather for gardening but it was the week I decided that a stretch of griselinia hedge needed to be seriously reduced in size, 60cm off the height and 30cm from each side. This produced an amount of heavy material which then had to be shredded and added to the compost heap. After cutting the grass and also adding that to the heap it was simply roasting, pretty much the same as myself each day this week.

There were some more enjoyable and less demanding aspects to the past week: We had a good picking of blackcurrants which were semi-processed in preparation for making ice-cream when the humour takes us. Strawberries are also producing very well and being enjoyed fresh but we will, no doubt, put some in the freezer for jam or ice-cream. Mange tout peas are the star performers of the vegetables at the moment and British Queens potatoes are just beautiful while runner and French beans are into flower so should provide beans shortly. There has been an excellent set on the apple trees this year so I look forward to those later in the year.

Now, to what’s looking nice at the moment – it’s too hot to be longwinded:

Finally, for this week, a little tribute to those ever so easy to grow poppies – Papaver somniferum – which self-seed in the garden, pop up wherever the seed happens to fall and, because they cross with each other, invariably produce different and interesting forms and colours:

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33 thoughts on “It’s Just Too Hot!

  1. The garden’s looking great, and it sounds like the veg patch is doing nicely too.

    I rather like the Galega – not a plant I’m familiar with, but it looks lovely. Nice to see the Poppies making an appearance. I do like the ruffled, doubled ones that crop up from time to time; a bit blousy, but very nice all the same!

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    1. We are now wishing for rain once again. I was edging the grass yesterday – with a strimmer – and it was sending up clouds of dust as the ground has become so dry in the week.

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  2. A fine selection on display, Paddy. The fuchsia reminds me of recent visit to Kilmacurragh, where I was brought specially to see the blue pollen tree variety. Very inconspicuous flowers, but I felt part of something older than myself! 😜

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  3. ‘Lady Bacon’ is a remarkably lovely hardy fuchsia but I find it oddly tricky to root, compared to most fuchsias. It is doable but not as easy as most. But it is an essential for any garden. Dry here too and I fear I will be hiding from the sun (and the horseflies) except to water!

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  4. Wow – Lady Bacon is huge. A beautiful selection. I always hated hedge cutting season in my youth. My siblings and I would be roped into helping gather the clippings from the privet, laurel and conifer hedges in the summer holidays, although riding in the back of the back of the car into the depths of the tip was fun.

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  5. Lovely poppies – I’m very envious because poppies seem to be yet another ‘easy to grow’ plant that I can’t grow 😦 but I’ve had a packet of Iceland poppy seeds free with a magazine so will give those a try. I love the hummingbird fuchsia too.

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  6. My top choice would be the Fushia ‘Sylvia Parker’ as I think the combination of red and white is very attractive. The poppy photos are great – what a variety you have there. The purples are always my favourite although red seems to predominate here. I’m salivating at the thought of blackcurrant ice cream!

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  7. Your poppies are wonderful. I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to establish annual poppies here for 20 years. I must be doing something wrong….. The dainty fuchsia is adorable and reminds me of childhood and endless summers.

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  8. Beautiful poppies, I love the salmon colored ones best. Don’t you just love the pods? You must to take such great close-ups of them! I am not familiar with Galega, but reading now, as a hardy perennial for my zone, I will have to look into it! Thanks! I mean that, not sarcastically!

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  9. We grow Fuchsia ‘Lye’s Unique’ which is very similar to ‘Sylvia Barker’. I love the poppies, I meant to get one that Seedaholic had called ‘Danish Flag’, red and white, but they don’t have it listed now it seems. The galega is pretty too.

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  10. It is far too hot here, and reading and looking at other gardens via the SOS is just about all I am capable of. Fab plants as usual. Many thanks.

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  11. Seems like all your rain fell on Belgium. But it’s gone now, thankfully, and the temperature is in the pleasant (for me!) mid 20’s and sunny. We have fuchsia magellanica, such a trouble-free shrub, but I haven’t seen that interesting Lady Bacon form. Your harvests sound great.

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  12. I think you’re right about the fuchsias Paddy. The smaller ones do seem to be getting more popular and its easy to see why from your lovely close-ups.

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  13. Those poppies are all vibrant colours! I really ugh to try and grow some, especially if they self seed so easily! There were a couple of plants I was not familiar with, and the Fuchsias re just beautiful! I also prefer the smaller dainty flowers.

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  14. Well it’s no wonder you thought it was too hot, with all of that work you were doing! 🙂 I was surprised to read you still had strawberries so late into July (lucky you!). The color of your Galega officinalis is so pretty. But what I really love are the poppies. Mine haven’t mixed at all, and I have them every year. I have similar varieties to you, minus your pretty pink one (I have the coral shade) but they are smooth edged. I would love to see some mixing going on!

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    1. I think this week will see the end of our strawberries. Two grandchildren had a big picking on Wednesday.


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