The First Glimpse

It was to be expected, at least hoped for, that one of the pheasant hens which have been absent from the garden for some time would make a reappearance at some stage and it happened today. It was for a few moments only and I can only hope that the food that is put out each day will attract her to be with us. At present, the cock enjoys the morning spread of rolled barley all by himself – though the local wood pigeons, grey crows and an assortment of smaller birds flock to it as well.

Today’s glimpse was very special for it revealed that this hen had returned with a newly-hatched brood and, though they kept very well to the shelter of the garden flowerbeds, I reckon there were ten chicks – a great addition to the garden bird population which I know I will enjoy very much though the Head Gardener is less enthusiastic as pheasants have, for her, the unwelcome habit of using any bare earth in the flowerbeds as dust baths, making a shallow hollow but also regularly displacing young plants.

I hope they stay safe

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