Lismore Castle Gardens in 10 X 2

We have always visited Lismore Castle Gardens but this year we have become far more regular visitors. With the Covid pandemic restricting our desire to travel further from home or to mix with people to any great extent, we are enjoying locations closer to us more than previously.

There is a great advantage to visiting the garden regularly as we have taken greater notice of the changes as the seasons move along rather than getting the occasional snapshot and it has been both very enjoyable and a revelation of the huge amount of work done by the gardeners here. There seems to be a new display of flowers and colour on each visit.

As ever, I take lots and lots of photographs but have selected two groups to show the garden, ten views and ten plants which caught my eye.

The gardens are well worth a visit if you are in the area and you will also find a great deal of interest in the town itself. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my 10 X 2!

For more information: Lismore Castle Gardens

2 thoughts on “Lismore Castle Gardens in 10 X 2

  1. Paddy thank you for your wonderful photos. We were in Staying a night in Dungarven last October and were fortunate enough to visit the gardens on our way home.I was blown away by the place … so so lovely . May I ask the name of the flower in your bottom left photo.? 🙏

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