Tulips in Their Pots.

A pictorial look at tulips in the garden at the moment, mainly those purchased last autumn for pot culture and display and destined to be short-lived garden plants as is their breeding. They are bright and cheering while in flower and a wonderful addition to the garden.

And individually:


13 thoughts on “Tulips in Their Pots.

    1. Believe it or not, we visited the Keukenhof gardens on a one day visit – drove from home to the airport in Dublin (two hours), first flight of the moring to Amsterdam, bus from airport to gardens, all day in the gardens and then off home again. Loved it! Brilliant!

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    1. Many of them don’t perform for the second year so it’s a bit of a gamble depending on them for a good display on the second year – that’s how they make their money, I suppose.


    1. It is Mary who always picks and plants the tulips though I picked ‘Princess Irene’ as I saw it in a friend’s garden last year and liked it – in a black pot.

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      1. You may remember Joe Stephenson, who had Clonea Hotel for many years. Joe retired next door to me and prided himself on his tulip collection. In particular an almost black one… at the time I could see no merit in them…

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      2. Having a tulip “collection” is difficult as many are not good to flower more than the first year.


    1. And perfectly perennial which is a great benefit in my mind. It hasn’t increased greatly in number in 20 years but has persisted. We have added a few other T. clusiana cultivars in recent years and they are also doing well. Great tulips.

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