Seizing the Moment!

There was a breeze here today that would skin a brass monkey and the few minutes we spent gardening – repotting a few succulent plants – left our fingers feeling frozen so we quickly called a halt. The Head Gardener retired to the warmth of the house while I went over the road to see what wildflowers were in bloom – and there were a few!

On my return to the garden, I thought the light was beautiful with bright sunshine and blue skies with only the lightest of white cloud. All looked well so I took a walk around the garden with the camera to catch the moment:

And, over the road there were wildflowers coming into flower and it’s wonderful to see them and I hope to continue recording them as the year progresses. Here are today’s flowers:

So, there was my afternoon: wildflowers and garden views!

13 thoughts on “Seizing the Moment!

  1. What a day it was! We even had snow flurries throughout the day, mixed with sun, of course. Lovely photos! You list the wild flower Rosebay Willowherb. I believe I have this in my ditch wall garden but certainly not by choice! Not my favorite plant. 🙂

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    1. Rosebay Willowherb is a beautiful plant but an unwelcome weed in the garden. Another bright and sunny day here this morning though still chilly.


  2. I love the sense of diversity, the complex society of plants in your garden – it appeals to a biology nerd. I find it interesting when I look through the images, it seems like the garden is facing itself. The images give only tiny glimpses of the surroundings, a water surface seen in the distance (now the trees are bare), fencing towards a paddock or a field, a view of shrubs through an archway, a bridge somewhere in the distance. It reminds me of gardens in Switzerland – where people live so close together and the instinct is to create something that whispers of the walled, enclosed gardens around the monasteries (which are everywhere in the city we’re from). Those gardens are places designed to look inwards, towards the artwork that is the garden, and seats and benches are placed so that you’re facing in towards the center, looking at the garden rather than the surroundings. The views of the Jura-mountains are peeking through the canopy, but rarely deliberately framed (unlike in Italy where there’s more room and I feel gardens often deliberately frame the surrounding views). It makes me curious if you do play with the views around your garden – or if your preference is to lead the eye to the center?

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    1. The view to the river is one I enjoy and really is the only view out of the garden. We are surrounded by farmland which doesn’t provide interesting views though we enjoyed it far more when it was a dairy farm as we loved to see the cows in the field. Our neighbour has retired and the land is rented and used for cereal crops. We have a very large bridge in view and, to be honest, I am inclined to avoid it in photographs of the garden. Yes, I am more inclined to look inwards, as is Mary, a reflection of personalities, perhaps!

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