A Beautiful Day!

For a moment there was the temptation to make the title, “A Beautiful Day at Last” but that “at Last” would allow a certain negativity into the moment and, while it certainly has been a while, a very long while, since we have had such a wonderful day it was without doubt a carpe diem occasion rather than an occasion for recalling the long run of recent bad days. It was a beautiful day, a wonderful day, a day to be enjoyed and savoured and we did just that.

Garden views today:

[The caption on that first photograph should read “A view down the garden…!]

We were in the garden from ten until one and from two until five – a working day! This, “a working day” brings to mind that, by coincidence, I was reading Melanie Dool’s gardening column in one of our local newspapers, the Waterford News & Star and, among other topics, she discussed the idea of considering what we do in the garden as “work”. She very emphatically states that it is not work and that if we consider it work we have chosen the wrong pastime. Gardening is a hobby, a pastime, a relaxation, an enjoyable and pleasant way to pass time.

That is how it went today, very pleasantly, very enjoyably, a holiday from the many days spent indoors in recent weeks and, yet, a great amount of work was accomplished. There are no big projects in hand at this time of the year but it is time to kickstart the gardening year, to clear any debris which has accumulated over the winter, to pick the odd weed and to freshen up the surface of the soil and get rid of that flattened, weather-beaten appearance which develops from the winter weather.

Some plants from the garden today:

Tomorrow promises to be an equally good day and we look forward to another full day in the garden! Where better could we be!

6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day!

  1. To work or not to work, that is the question, perhaps? Some days, gardening definitely feels like an absolutely wonderful hobby. Then there area the days when, for example, raccoons chew through the irrigation lines. Regardless, your garden right now looks like pure spring!

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  2. Beautiful! Nothing like a glorious spring day to put all the rain and gloom into distant memory. It always shocks me to see how quickly we move from snowdrops to narcissus, a bit more gradual for you, but usually quite fast here when spring finally decides to explode.

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