Mount Congreve Gardens

Mount Congreve Gardens are on the outskirts of Waterford City and are one of the great treasures of Irish gardening. They were developed by the owner, the late Mr. Ambrose Congreve, with the ground work, design and planting in the hands of the wonderful Mr. Herman Dool, a Dutch landscape architect and gardener.

Facebook threw up an album of photographs I posted at this time last year and I thought I’d share a selection via this blog.

I will be giving a talk to members of Plant Heritage, via Zoom, on Saturday, 10th April at 2.30p.m. Should you wish to join you can do so via this link to the Plant Heritage website.

I have since been advised of a small glitch on the Plant Heritage site when attempting to purchase tickets from outside the UK – there was no option to put any other country in the address form when making your payment.

Here is the reply from Gill Groombridge: “When buying at ticket through our online shop it currently only gives the UK option in the address field. If anyone asks just ask them to put Eire in another address field – don’t let them be put off buying at ticket.  We are aware of and know it’s something we need to fix. An alternative is to ask them to email and we will send a payment request through paypal (no paypal account needed.)”

I have purchased tickets for other events without difficulty so don’t be put off by this glitch. Paddy


6 thoughts on “Mount Congreve Gardens

  1. Hello Paddy, though maybe not intended, current booking for your Mount Congreve is only available to UK residents. I have attempted three times and failed! I have emailed Roz who will look into this matter next week. Joe

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    1. That’s odd, Joe as I logged on to one on Thursday evening – at 7pm before the one from Cork. And I had logged into another talk previously. All without any bother! Drop an email and see how it goes – I’d hate you to miss me! LOL It wouldn’t be the same without you!

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    1. Absolutely wonderful gardens and I’m very fortunate to live very close to them and free to visit often, though not at present because of Covid restrictions.

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