Slippers and Sunsets

It is, perhaps, that as the body ages there is a clear and undeniable need for slippers. I have been a barefoot about the house man and have always found that a comfortable manner of living. However – the old age bit is coming now – I have found recently that the skin on my heels has become very dry, even to the point of splitting and, encouraged by my darling wife, have taken to wearing slippers. Now, she obviously could have had a career in the diplomatic service, for she didn’t push me immediately to real slippers – you know those tartan design canvas ones which slide along the floors of retirement homes beneath the unbending and unbendable legs of geriatrics – no, she suggested a re-use of an old pair of decks, well softened and well loved from years of happy wear, and added the further convincing note that I had had it in mind to purchase a new, quite swanky and stylish, pair of decks as soon as we were free to venture out again when Covid restrictions were lifted. So, my heels are coated in emollient cream before slipping – very easily, as you can imagine after the application – into my old, dear decks. I am a new man!

On the other hand, sunsets have frustrated me – the lack of sunsets, that is, though of course the sun has not failed to set here in the south-east of Ireland; it is just that it has failed to do so with any colour of late. I write a weekly blog on my garden and, over the past few months, have joined a group which posts to a “Six-on-Saturday” theme (certain guidelines by the director of the group apply, loosely!) which puts a pressure on the contributor to have six topics in the write-up. I managed an hour’s work in the garden this past week and, with the best writing skills in the world, it has been mentally challenging to imagine myself stretching the experience to six topics.

With this in mind, a good sunset one evening prompted me to think of including a few sunset photographs as one of the six. Now, as with my word count here, one photograph would never do me where I could use ten, so I had it in mind to photograph the sunset each evening and, as the colours of the sunset can change rather rapidly even within a short few minutes, I imagined I could up my count of photographs with relative ease. In line with Murphy’s Law, that what can go wrong will go wrong, there wasn’t a glimmer of colour any evening for the rest of the week. It has been a painfully dull week with dark and dank days, cold and bitter, with my bum almost rooted to the seat of the armchair and certainly it has widened considerably. Sunsets will hardly feature in my weekly garden report – but, you’d never know!

“Slippers and Sunsets” – what a title, a sort of foreboding title, a casually chosen title – actually inspired by (borrowed/robbed/copied from an American friend – – who sits at the other side of the Atlantic also pondering slippers and sunsets. These important issues of life are universal, I suppose!

Yes, another sunset – well, you hardly wanted to see a photograph of my new slippers now, did you?

13 thoughts on “Slippers and Sunsets

  1. Paddy, I’m giggling here 50 kilometres west of you! Whatever Mary put into the coffee the other night has obviously lingered in the system.
    I suppose a photograph of the decks would be out of the question? Placed casually, as you do, on an old mossy wall. I’d go so far as to suggest this as the foreround to a run-of-the-mill sunset.

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    1. We are sitting with lunchtime coffee and Mary has just commented, “They are not disabled shoes, Paddy” – looking at my decks. Now, I can’t repeat all her comments on Sketchers but there was mention of divorce, putting me in a home of some sort, or was it a kennels? and there was a prolonged Eeeeeewwwwwwwww!

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  2. Though there may not be six, they are beautiful sunset photos Paddy. Count yourself lucky – there hasn’t been one sunset here worth taking the camera/phone out for. I discovered the ‘Six on Saturday’ blog a while ago and enjoy reading the contributions; it has been especially welcome during this long lockdown. I’m wondering what Mary has against Skechers? Not as substitute slippers but I do find their shoes comfortable for walking. I do wear traditional slippers, provided they have hard soles as I usually end up walking out to the garden in them!

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  3. My problem with slippers and I got a fine pair the pre covid Christmas, is that whe you slip them on the heels are inclined to surrender and one has to contort oneself to insert a finger and get them up over the heel! An alternative ploy is to ram the foot in forcibly and the momentum carries the heel up.
    It wasn’t a problem a year ago!

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