Snowdrops and the Photobomber.

I went out into the garden for the first time in several days today. The snowdrops were coming along and I wanted to take a few photographs of whatever was in flower.

Galanthus ‘Martha McLaren’ with snouts showing above ground and a promise of a good display in the New Year.

The first shot was just of a patch of snouts peeping out of the ground, a favourite of mine – Galanthus ‘Martha McLaren’. I lay down low to get a good angle, took the first shot and then saw an eye peeped back through the lens at me. Ditzy was begging. It was the most perfect photobomb imaginable.

She was looking for food, though she had been fed along with the others this morning – a good portion of rolled barley. I went to the garage and brought out another scoop of barley and threw it on the grass for her. She simply stood there, one look at the barley and they stared back at me. Nobody can ever say that pheasants are stupid birds, though they are often said to be so. Ditzy was waiting for her treat – a case of having her dessert before her main course – she was waiting for her treat of peanuts and, of course, I had them for her.

With Ditzy happy again and occupied I was able to continue my wander around the garden to see how the snowdrops were going.

11 thoughts on “Snowdrops and the Photobomber.

    1. She, and two others, are looking in the window at me at this moment with a sorrowful look on their faces as though they hadn’t eaten in weeks – I fed them about an hour ago but they would like more!


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