Enjoying Death!

This seems appropriate again – Facebook threw it up in my daily “Memories”

Paddy Tobin, An Irish Gardener

It is rather odd, rather a contradiction for the gardener who usually devotes all efforts to promoting growth, nurturing good health and fostering the treasures of the garden that, at this time of year, s/he should rejoice in the death processes of those very same plants.

Arbour fallen leaves (2)Parrotia persica, Ironwood, has dropped its leaves, a golden yellow with flashes of red.

Arbour fallen leaves (1)

Autumn is almost a second spring rather than the death knell of the garden, a time of change, a swing in the seasons; nature’s sign that it is not an end, not a death, but simply part of the eternal cycle. It is a time of hope or of nature giving hope, encouraging us to look beyond the coming winter of bareness, cold, misery and … death! No – simply a suspension of life!

Magnolias in ash bed Magnolias – M. soulangeana ‘Heaven Scent’ and M. stellata ‘Rosea King’- moving into their autumn…

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