The Photographer in Pyjamas.

Breakfasts are leisurely matters these days. The days of rushing to work are long gone, no children to organise, no lunches, no timetable, no clocking in, none of that morning running around. There is time to catch the news and weather on morning tv, to catch up on all the latest news from a range of sources: RTE, The Irish Times,, Breaking News etc.

There is time to sit and look out the window, to assess how the day might develop, to think of what we might do for the day – a walk first or straight to the garden, some household chores, baking, cooking?. Big decisions! Mornings invariably start dull and overcast these days but come 9.45 or so the clouds begin to disperse and shafts of early-morning sunshine cut their way across the garden, low and bright and give an attractive lighting which makes photography interesting. It is a short-lived effect, lasting about thirty minutes, so one must dash if one wishes to take advantage – hence, the foray into the garden in my pyjamas with camera in hand. Don’t worry, I cause no distress to the neighbours as the one neighbour I have is well screened off by trees and shrubs. Two of the other sides of the garden face onto agricultural land and the third onto the road, a very quiet road with the garden out of view. So, I may ramble about in my pyjamas and take my photographs at my ease – until the cool of the morning sends me in again. No birds are scared, no animals harmed, no people scandalised in the taking of these photographs!

Here is a selection of photographs from this morning. I hope you enjoy them:

Click on the first photograph to view it in a larger format and to begin a slideshow.

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