Venturing Out!

Storm Francis, blast it, has visited itself upon us today. The meteorological service had announced its arrival with an Yellow Weather Warning for rain and wind and, as we had come through Storm Ellen (Orange Warning) only last week, Francis just didn’t bring any great threat or sense of foreboding with it. We had come through Ellen unscathed and Francis seemed less of a threat. Of course, I should clarify that some parts of the country were less fortunate with Ellen than we in Waterford and there was serious damage and disruption elsewhere while we escaped comparatively lightly.

We had heavy rain overnight, which had cleared by morning, but the sky continued to be threatening with dark clouds scurrying past. The wind remained strong with occasional quite fierce gusts; certainly not a day for gardening but on such occasions one has to go out to check that all is well, that plants have survived, that there is no damage done – no serious damage, at any rate we hope. It was not the case. Storm Francis had done some damage.

In advance of the storm, I had taken precautions to protect two colchicums from damage, covering them – one with an old plastic dome and the other with a makeshift cover made from a drinks bottle – and, despite their ramshackle nature, they did a splendid job and both colchicums came through in perfect condition enjoying the micro climate of their enclosures to such an extent that both opened their flowers despite today’s gales.

Elsewhere around the garden: Click on the first image to begin a slideshow with captions.

6 thoughts on “Venturing Out!

  1. First time I’ve seen your site Paddy. (I think.) Very impressive garden. We don’t have a garden but we started taming a wild area out the back a number of months ago and a lot has been beaten down, mainly young roses. The window boxes out front were flattened! Perhaps I should blog about it. 🤔
    Yes indeed. The last thing we needed after last week’s storm was another one this week. It’s still windy here but it was a lovely, warm, dry day.

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    1. There you are now, I’ve been here all this time, scribbling away, and you never noticed me! My feelings are hurt! LOL I imagine you had a worse experience with this storm than we had but we were surprised by the damage – though, to be honest, it wasn’t anything of significance. I saw that 1,000 homes near Dungarvan were without electricity – we were spared that inconvenience. Take care and keep well.


    1. Certainly, anybody gardening will have noticed the changes in climate over the years – a change which is noticeable within one lifetime is a very quick change indeed compared to past changes. Given how dramatic the changes have been it is remarkable and very worrying that steps to redress the situation are not undertaken.

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  2. Sorry to see damage. It takes so long for a tree to develop its a wrench to see it down. My damage big chestnut branch down in Scrub and liriodendum leaning forward and needing staking. Your garden as always is pristine but invitingly if dauntingly so.

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