Six on Saturday, 08/08/2020

In, Out and Back Again!

It was how the past week went – in and out and back again. We went out on two days to walk, see wildflowers and visit a garden, all very welcome from our now usual stay-at-home living because of Covid 19 and recent numbers indicate that it is very likely we will have to continue this withdrawn lifestyle for some time to come.

It was a search for an orchid, one uncommon here in Ireland, that brought us to Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny, a very beautiful village about a 40 minutes drive from home. There is a very peaceful riverside and woodland walk from the centre of the village which brings one to Woodstock Arboretum and Garden with return to the village, and parked car, along a quiet country road. It is a very beautiful and peaceful area and well worth a visit – the village itself is also especially beautiful and interesting and one could well be tempted to stop there, not walk at all, but take in the atmosphere and, perhaps, a few pints!

Woodstock Arboretum and Garden is historically very interesting, it hosts a significant collection of trees and is a good family venue – woodland walks, picnic areas, a play area for the younger ones and room to wander about in pleasant surroundings. Read Woodstock for a longer account of my visit.

There were wildflowers of interest at home also, in the grass mainly. I refer to them as wildflowers and not as weeds for if I truly regarded them as weeds I would have taken steps to eradicate them. There are two small lawns to the front of the house – these are lawns and are kept as such, treated to eliminate weeds, fed, cut more frequently, sport stripes etc – while to the rear of the house the green areas are simply “grass” and the standards of maintenance, certainly regarding wildflowers, are not as stringent as for the lawns. Here is my selection and the Thyme-leaved Speedwell is an especially good find for me.

Eucomis (Pineapple flowers/Pineapple lilies) are highlight plants here at the moment. Some are growing in the garden and others in the glasshouse. I have found them difficult to please in the open garden as we have a high water table in winter and the wet conditions do not suit the bulbs. Some, that are planted under trees, have fared better as the ground is drier there.

Hydrangeas are coming to their best and the regular rains we have had in the past few weeks have suited them very well. Last year’s summer drought put a number under great stress and they haven’t recovered fully yet. Indeed, I removed one this week, partly to allow a narrow pathway through a very wide border but also to simply give up on nursing a struggling plant which was unlikely to ever be as good as it was – sometimes, it is time to give up and move on. Thankfully, there are other hydrangeas which are strong and healthy and looking well at the moment.

Finally, some views – some out the garden and some in:

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16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday, 08/08/2020

  1. Thank you for sharing such a variety of interesting flowers. I love “weeds!” My favorite “flower” as a child was the scarlet pimpernel, which was called “chickweed,” although that is really something different. I actually bought seeds last year, but they didn’t volunteer any plants this year.

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    1. Hydrangeas do well for us except for last summer when it was very dry. They require very little work and give a great reward, long flowering period etc.

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  2. Your post is an absolute delight. I enjoyed the little walk through Woodstock Arboretum and Garden and admire the photographs of your Eucomis. The Hydrangea bed is stunning, as are the views you provide at the end.


  3. I enjoyed reading your post. I read the post on Woodstock Arboretum. It seems such a same that the garden is not better looked after, but the beauty of what is there was well worth sharing. I love the intricate iron work planters and bench and the Monkey Puzzle walk.

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    1. Yes, it is a wonderful place and has so much which has been saved but I so wish more could be done! Gardens don’t make money, I suppose and this work can only be done with the support of the public purse.


  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and looking at the views in your garden. I’m very impressed with your hydrangea collection, and your Eucomis. I have a couple of Eucomis, but after seeing your impressive collection I will try and find some different ones. Lovely photos!

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