Six on Saturday, 25/07/2020

It was a bit of a dash around with the camera to capture images and inspiration to put something together for this week’s Six on Saturday. The morning had been spent packaging snowdrop bulbs to post off to fellow snowdrop enthusiasts – a little swapping is far, far cheaper than buying these exorbitantly-priced bulbs. There was a gallop in the early afternoon to post these and to collect a lawnmower which had been left in for repair and then it began to rain so it was as well that I had taken my photographs when I had the opportunity.

Opium poppies, Papaver somniferum, are unpredictable plants in the garden. They cross-breed and self-seed to their own designs so their colours and forms come as a surprise each year, something which makes them interesting.

Daylilies, Hemerocallis, are more permanent and predictable than the poppies in the garden. They grow well for us to the extent that we had become a little tired of them but they have done so very well again this year that we have come to like them again. There is a good selection of them in the garden and here are those looking best at present:

Hydrangeas can be relied on to give a good display right through autumn into early winter. We have a bed almost entirely given over to hydrangeas and have others sprinkled about the garden. They do well for us and are a great return for the little care they require. Some are yet to look their best but there are others which look well at this moment:

Margery Fish’s, “When in doubt, plant a geranium” is often quoted and it is a truism of gardening and plant choice for there is hardly a day of the gardening season without a geranium to enjoy in the garden. These are in flower at present:

Agapanthus haven’t really come into full flower here yet but some have made a start and they are such beautiful flowers. One is my particularly favourite agapanthus, for its especially dark rich colour – Agapanthus ‘Windlebrook’. I grow two cultivars which are outstanding in pots: Agapanthus ‘Kilmurry White’ and Agapanthus ‘Kilmurry Blue’. Both are small plants with small flower which are produced in an amazing number and so give a wonderful effect.

This last photograph leads to sixth of my Six on Saturday this week for it is of some groupings in the garden, some planting combinations which are appealing at present. By the way, I can take no credit for the planning nor selection of these plants – that is to the credit of the Head Gardener. I remain, happily and contentedly (most of the time!), the Undergardener.

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26 thoughts on “Six on Saturday, 25/07/2020

  1. Garden looking really beautiful. Dull here today again but the plants did need some rain Sowed some governments recently and I transplanted 70 yesterday !!

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    1. Some of our beds had become overshadowed as trees grew and the daylilies seemed to be in decline. We have done a lot of work on the trees this year, removing lower branches, and this has allowed in far, far more light and rain so the daylilies have responded brilliantly. I am happy with them again.


    1. I’m feeling my way with the format. Most post six photographs with comments while I took six themes, so to speak. It’s a good way to make contact with other gardeners.

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    1. Yes, we also have to be careful to weed out agapanthus seedlings in order to keep bought cultivars from being swamped by inferior plants.


  2. Paddy – how incredibly beautiful. Are your snowdrops underneath everything in these photos !? Great photography as always – an absolute pleasure to look at and then…..look at again and again 😉

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    1. Hi Jennie, How lovely to hear from you. The snowdrops are scattered about, all in the open garden. I am inclined to have them under geraniums mostly or to the back of borders under trees and shrubs which have had the canopy lifted a little to allow room beneath, places which are not quite so visible later in the year when other plants grow up in front. And I have a few daylilies also! Some of the labels are lost in the clumps and I had it in mind to go and search them out today. Take care!


  3. You are one lucky undergardener! Very lovely selection of blooms and they are all looking so radiant. I am a big fan of Hydrangeas and always in cloud nine when they bloom.
    Now I am going to look for some Agapanthus cuyz they are stunning.
    I´ve never seen those strange Poppies, you have quite a selection.

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