Bright and Breezy

A beautiful day; at long last, a beautiful day. We have had plenty of rain in the past week, several rather miserable days when we were confined indoors; days completely unsuitable for gardening or even for walking. But, ’tis an ill wind, as they say, and that rain has lead to an astonishing burst of growth.

There were some bare patches on the front lawn which I scarified and reseeded and they are suddenly green again. It is still quite light but it is wonderful to see the germination on the grass seed and a sense of relief that it has happened – though we know it will happen, there is always a certain holding of the breath and anxious wait until it actually does.

The bare patches on the lawn are greening up, thanks to the rain all this week.

Of course, grass growth means I had to take out the lawnmower today and there was an incredible amount of grass to pile onto the compost heap. In fact, I held half of it back – the collection box of the ride-on mower was filled five times today so adding it all at once would simply be too much green material at one time. By coincidence, I had cut down a large upright yew which had become far too big, too wide and too sprawly, rather than remaining upright and neatly columnar, as its type promises and so have a big heap of brown material but I need to shred this first and will mix it with the rest of the grass before adding all to the compost heap tomorrow – another day’s work ahead!

Watsonias are looking especially good in the garden at the moment as is an excellent Leucanthemum. We have several very old watsonias in the garden whose names are lost to our memories but they do especially well for us such that we have to lift, divide and discard a great deal every few years. The leucanthemum is from Kilmurry Nursery and named for Paul and Orla’s daughtrer, Hazel – Leucanthemum ‘Hazel’s Dream’. It has semi-double flowers which shimmer and shake in the lightest breeze and is a healthy, strong-growing plant. It is tall and this year I made a super structure to support it and am delighted that it was worked perfectly for it came through this past week of rain and wind and remained perfectly upright, without damage – not a floppy stem in sight.


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