We are slowly realizing that we are not the only ones. Being in the cocoon – socially withdrawing because of the Covid-19 virus – gives one a blinkered view of the world and of what others are doing. We had begun to wonder if we were the only ones who have continued to remain apart as much as possible even though some of the restrictions on movement and assembling had been relaxed by the government. It seems we are not!

A few chance telephone conversations during the week were from people who have continued as we have: staying at home as much as possible; avoiding all unnecessary social contact; wearing masks when out and especially if it is necessary to go to a shop and generally continuing to feel uneasy, nervous, about the whole situation; feeling that it has not passed; that the danger is still with us and that it is wise to continue to be careful.

We also shared the feelings of gratitude that we had gardens where we could occupy ourselves in these days, something which is a great relief to the tedium of being apart from others and a wonderful way to pass the time.

We also shared the feeling that we felt, even feared a little, that we were being or would be considered nutcases, foolish people too timid and nervous to move along with the rest of society. However, we all felt we had justifiable reasons to be careful to avoid contact with this virus, that we were of a group who ought to be more careful than the less vulnerable and that it would be best for us to continue as we have being doing.

I say, “Nutcases of the world, unite!”

This is the way we are because this is the way we feel.

And now, a few garden photographs to brighten the day – for it is a cloudy, misty and miserable day here in Waterford but it was hugely brightened by a video sent by my daughter-in-law this morning of our granddaughter playing peek-a-boo with a tea towel. Simple and wonderful happiness!

10 thoughts on “Realizing

  1. So true Paddy! I find I’m on a see-saw – one day I’m all gung-ho planning trips to shops for all sorts of things, but then I go down to my local Supervalu for essential food with my mask and I’m back being fearful and cancelling all plans. Nutcase is a very good description of where I am today! Thanks for the beautiful photos cheering me up!

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    1. We feel it better to be safe and sure even though it is a big nuisance and we miss our family very much. We say hello to the grandchildren via Skype/Facetime but it is never quite the same especially when you see the youngest growing in leaps and bounds – crawling, standing, first words, big belly laughs etc.


  2. These are our feelings about going out too! We are still at home most of the time, but if we have to go out we take precautions. Online shopping has become more important to us now and keep us out of the supermarkets. The flower photos are lovely, and the Anthemis is just beautiful!

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    1. Online shopping has been a saviour. Our local supermarket has an excellent service. Yesterday was a delivery day, comes around every two weeks, so it was a scoff day with the largest bar of chocolate with our coffee after dinner last evening! Children at heart still! The name of the Anthemis is lost to my memory but we think it may be Anthemis tinctoria ‘E. C. Buxton’. Best wishes and stay safe and well.

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      1. Oh yes!! Chocolate supplies restocked!! I can relate to that indeed! We still shop online, as now that the restrictions have eased a little our little rural towns have been inundated with visitors and are not the safe havens they used to be. We have to endure 2 weeks until school holidays end and then we can tentatively go out again! Thanks for the name of the Anthemis. I will try and see if I can source one over here. Stay safe too!

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  3. Paddy – not nutcases but wise members of the older generation.
    I live in a village and feel safe, but the youngsters give not as fig for the community and gather to smoke weed and drink. They believe they are immune from the virus.
    I was unable to get groceries delivered so relied on my neigbour.for essentials. Situation now improved and I venture to the very large supermarket where social distancing is not a problem.
    Best shopping has been to a plant nursery and selecting new shrubs and ground cover. I wish it had been open earlier for the sake of the owners – and for the mental health of others

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  4. Lovely pics as is only to be expected. Was telling a waterford lady, Anne Brophy a friend of Jens and now of mine of your lovely gardens. I’m having a surgeon in! Tree_as there are a few overhanging boughs that need care. He’s a very energetic young man like my son who painted two ceilings this am and is now working on my computer for me. I am indeed blessed. And as for cocooning the longer we do so the more beautiful the butterflies we will b ecome!

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    1. There has been a jump in unfortunate numbers today and most connected with travel. I feel it is still wise to be careful. You have the river for refreshment, the wood for air and contemplation and the garden for pastime. What more do you want? Enjoy!


  5. As always terrific photos,also cocooning here in London venturing out occasionally on sunny days in the car with the top down, to get a bit of air

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    1. We are fortunate to have the garden here to occupy us – today, I demolished an upright Irish yew, 35+ years old, gone too broad and high, out of control so I started to put manners on it and ended up with it cut to the base, a complete clear out.


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