Six on Saturday

For readers of my blog not familiar with this “Six on Saturday”, let me explain that it is an idea hosted by who posts six photographs, with comment, each Saturday morning. Other bloggers do likewise and then post a link to their post in the comments of The Propagator Blog’s post and in this way they are shared about. It is a club of sorts, a sharing of gardening photographs and notes and a bit of fun. If it’s something you enjoy, you can go to link above to see more similar posts.

I’m new to the Six on Saturday group and this week am posting a few photographs which will give an impression of my garden. Naturally, I choose photographs from one beautiful morning during the last week when the sun was shining and it wasn’t raining. It was a toss-up between these views and six photographs I took of a vase of dahlias which Mary picked during the week. The dahlias are doing very well this year and are in full flower at the moment.

Otherwise, it has been a dampish week; yesterday had rain all day and gardening was cancelled, so we are now already tired and grumpy from being indoors. It is damp again this morning, with that feeling of moisture in the air though not quite raining. We could brave a walk – the Waterford Greenway and Mount Congreve Gardens are only minutes away and both are beautiful places to walk but, to be honest, we have stayed at home almost completely since early March and have missed our morning walks very much. The garden has had greater value this year than previously, a refuge in the lock-down or while “in the cocoon” as they phrase goes here.

Best wishes to all readers. I hope you all keep safe and well.

Now, here are my Six on Saturday: They show about half of the garden; what we refer to as the back garden but really, location-wise, it is the side garden. Not shown are the garden in front of the house, a lane to the side, an open grass area directly behind and a vegetable area on the other side. Another Six on Saturday, perhaps.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of this side of our garden and will complete the tour on another occasion – when the sun shines nicely on that side!

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

    1. I spent ages planning and building that piece of sculpture! Don’t laugh at it! LOL Mind you, I am inclined to exclude it from photographs of the garden but, in truth, it doesn’t impinge on us.

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  1. Magnificent long views that I would not tire of! The appeal of a playhouse amidst a garden is universal for grandchildren, I think. So glad your blue skies and dotted clouds cooperated for your photos!


    1. LOL There’s a little more than an acre and a blessing these days to give us room outside and to keep us occupied.


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