Male-pattern Baldness.

Statistically, I am less bald now than I was twenty or so years ago. My mother always told me I had a high forehead, a sign of intelligence she assured me, but a time arrived when this high forehead began its progress higher and further backward along my head to either side of a surviving central tuft while at the same time the crown of my head lost its hair also – no doubt on account of the hot intellectual activity beneath. In effect, I then had three bald patches on my head. Over following years, further progress/hair loss amalgamated these three into one so that, statistically, I am now less bald than I was twenty years ago!

Bald patches, elsewhere, have occupied my thoughts in this past week for one of the small lawns to the front of the house had developed several such. As it was with my pate, the expansion of these patches had come over years, a sort of creeping up unbeknownst on one, until the day arrived when their obviously detrimental presence on the lawn could no longer be ignored.

The causes are obvious: those trees planted as small things some thirty or more years ago have now reached a good size and their roots have made their way under the grass while their spreading branches cast an almost impenetrable shadow over it. The roots have sucked the lawn of moisture while the branches have excluded light.

Drastic solutions might be considered – the removal of the trees or the reduction of the lawn – but I like the trees and when I put in the lawn I edged it in brick and am reluctant to lift and move it leaving a smaller lawn. The mend and make-do solution is to repair the bare patches and accept that occasional watering in this area may be a necessity in the future.

I dug over the larger patches to a depth of about 10cm which was as much as was possible given the presence of so many roots from the trees while the smaller patches were simply scarified sufficiently to break the surface of the soil, enough to accept grass seed. The whole areas was thoroughly watered before being reseeded with “Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed Fast Start”, a seed type suited for this purpose. Fortunately, we have had rain since the reseeding which was a help as it is imperative to keep the ground moist until germination occurs.

We’ll see how it goes but it will be an achievement for an old man to reverse even one case of baldness!

5 thoughts on “Male-pattern Baldness.

  1. After doing the trench for the septic tank there was no grass in that area but thanks to the rain and heat it’s now a thick sward.
    Pity I can’t do same for my own thinning thatch!

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