Six on Saturday, 27th June 2020

It has been a busy week in the garden. We tackled the pruning of three large hornbeam trees, Carpinus betulifolius, which had begun to spread a little too much and overshadow a large area making the ground beneath bone dry and a difficult place for other plants to grow. I suppose it is the way of plants to ensure their own survival first, take all the ground moisture and capture all the sunshine for themselves. Our pruning was of the “lifting of the canopy” style, cutting off the lower branches to allow both light and rain to get in below. The trees were planted, as good sized plants, over twenty five years ago so the prunings were quite large and taking them from the trees was only the start of the job as they then had to be cut up – the larger pieces stored for firewood for my son and the smaller pieces stacked for shredding on another day. With high heat and high humidity it was hard work.

However, the weather seems to have suited the dahlias which are now coming well into flowers and recent rain will give them a further boost. I have chosen six blooms for my “Six on Saturday” this week:

17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday, 27th June 2020

  1. Those dahlias are heartlifting. Imagine I haven’t one dahlia in the whole of my garden. Next glanbia visit will rectify it!!!!
    I used have a lot but somehow they went off my radar. Thank you for the reminder of their beauty.

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    1. Perhaps, my camera is surviving the batterings better than yours – now 10 years old and still going well and cherished despite my occasional dreams of an update but prices now run into the thousands so updates must be rare events.

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    1. We’ll have flowers until the frosts come – late September into October. They are good plants – a little bit of work involved as we lift the tubers to store over the winter; pot up early in the new year, keep in the glasshouse to get them into early growth and then plant out at the end of April/beginning of May.

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