They Built a Bridge.

A visit to an external hard drive this morning brought up photographs from ten years ago when the new bridge close to our house was built over the River Suir. To locals it will probably be the “new bridge” for some years yet but it has been The River Suir Bridge and now, officially, The Thomas Francis Meagher Bridge. For a while, it was “The Cat Flap” as it allowed access to the people of Co. Kilkenny (nicknamed The Cats) to Co. Waterford.

An photograph early in the construction of the bridge: An area on the bank of the river had a dam built out and around and then in-filled. This is the site of the main upright of the bridge. Our garden is at the top, just right of centre, in the corner of the field.

The engineer on the construction site for the bridge was a Spaniard, Sergio, and he brought me in around the site on many occasions to show me how the work was progressing and to watch particularly exciting events – which included being called around 11p.m. on night to witness the enormous, seemingly unending, line of lorries delivering concrete to pour one of the main supports. It was certainly a hive of activity and one of the milestone events in the construction.

When the central support of the bridge – the upright holding the cables – was being constructed, there was an enormous crane used to bring workers and materials up to the top. Sergio called me one lunchtime to take a “spin” in the crane to see the work and the views, which included our own garden, of course, and here are photographs from the day and some aerial photographs which Sergio gave me of the project.

Our garden.

8 thoughts on “They Built a Bridge.

  1. Wonderful to have a photographic record of an exciting engineering project like that Paddy! I definitely think yours is the most dramatic “borrowed landscape” (or should I say “Borrowed Garden Feathre”) of any garden I ever visited!

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    1. The engineer was very good to bring me on site very regularly and we were allowed walk around when they were not working – cleared with the security men etc. We went up the central column on another occasion, great views.


  2. Fab unique photographs Paddy. I’m sure your Spanish proved a factor in Sergio ‘s wanting you to see all. I would never have been able to do that crane bit. I would have wet Meself at that height!

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    1. I think Sergio was also experienced at such projects and with dealing with the immediate neighbours and set about, from the word go, meeting us and making sure all was well with us etc and we got on well together.


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