Six on Saturday

This is my first time joining this weekly posting of six photographs from the garden. I have seen it regularly on a number of other blogger’s posts but hadn’t felt inclined to participate but, why not!

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Welcome to the Six club, Paddy. I’m only up the road from you in Dungarvan.
    You’re very clearly well up on plant names. Fair play to you! I’m quite forgetful, and cannot remember names consistently.

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  2. Well, a very warm welcome to you. Appetite whetted by the picture of one bee orchid I went looking and found your blog with the pictures of three or four hundred. I’m lost for words, but not for stuff to look at for quite some time.

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  3. lovely pictures Paddy, i particularly like the first one, the cranberry mallow, very vivid. not sure I can be bothered with overwintering stuff, i tend to leave things to fend for themselves – some make it, some don’t! helps that my soil is fairly free draining.

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    1. Yes, the mallow is an excellent colour – and worth the effort to keep it going. We would lose it if left outdoors over the winter.


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