Ní hé Lá na Gaoithe Lá na Scolb!

Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb!

A saying from childhood: The windy day is not the day for thatching – everything in its time, in other words. We might extend the saying today: Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb … ná lá na garraíadóireachta ach an oiread – nor the day for gardening either.

A quick “Google” tells me that there are equivalent sayings from other sources: The English, “A reed before the wind lives on, but the mighty oak falls”, The Bible’s “There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens” etc. all suggesting that it is better to accept things as they are. The Italians put it well: “Chi piscia contra il vento si bagna la commiscia” -He who pisses against the wind, wets his shirt.

In the garden today: birch trees blown by the wind
A dull outlook on the garden today
A threatening sky – a day for indoors!

After such a long period of confinement (11 weeks today!), we become impatient to be active and our activity is gardening as we no longer leave home to go for what had been our daily walk. The alternative to gardening for us is sitting indoors, reading, writing, watching television, online or whatever, but physically inactive. Having said that, Mary has left the room to make a cake, a ginger cake, which will be very nice indeed!

Despite the weather, I wished to take a photograph of this iris in case it was damaged by the wind. This is Iris germanina ‘Benton Strathmore’ one of a series of beautiful irises, bred by the artist and plantsman Cedric Morris at his home Benton End in Suffolk. Between 1934 and 1960.

We have had strong winds overnight, with steady rain, and the wind continues to blow today with strong gusts. There has been little of no damage; some small twigs broken from trees, leaves shredded from trees and shrubs but these will all regrow. A few lighter herbaceous perennials are standing at a bit of a tilt but they may straighten themselves up or, if not, they will be fine when they grow next year – I may, or may not, give a little support to them this year, to the dear and precious ones anyway! We’ll see!

The flowers of Paeonia ‘Copper Kettle’ were well sheltered and will survive the wind, I hope.
One older flower of Paeonia ‘Copper Kettle’ was a little the worse for wear.

So, it is an indoors day; not the day for gardening!

Take care! Be safe etc!


6 thoughts on “Ní hé Lá na Gaoithe Lá na Scolb!

    1. And, there I was pulling it out of the way so I could get a clear shot of the paeonia! The blue flowers are Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’.


  1. I stayed in yesterday. Wasn’t tempted to swim as I have done. But today though windy I was able to Clean up around the gate. And drive. Anna would have loved it!
    As we can’t be with all our friends and relatives on the 11/6 we suggested that if they like they could light a candle at six o clock on the day for about ten minutes and we will all be united in remembering and celebrating Anna’s life. Totally up to people themselves. No pressure.
    That paeony was a beautiful color. Unusual for the flower?!

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    1. Anna is on the mantlepiece here, lifting a beer to say, “Cheers” so never far from our eyes or our thoughts. The candle will be lit but I think a drop of Jameson would be more in keeping for the occasion and she, and you, will be remembered with the deepest fondness. Yes, that’s the colour of the flower on that paeonia, one of those intersectional hybrids – a cross between a tree and a herbaceous paeonia. Best wishes from Mary.


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