Favourite Photographs from the Last Week.

It has been a good week!

Ten weeks at home have passed. We haven’t been out once and we have enjoyed it. Yes, there are certain things we miss: we haven’t seen our grandchildren except via Skype or Facetime and we haven’t had any of our days out – outings to visit gardens etc. However, otherwise we are perfectly fine. We are fortunate to have the garden to keep us occupied, gardening, photographing and reviewing in the evenings. Food can become a little tedious. We miss fish and, while it has worked well doing our shopping online and having it delivered, it does lack spontaneity. There is a need to plan, to think ahead, to list a fortnight’s dinners, breakfasts and lunches and shop for them in one go. We are managing quite well and our supermarket – Supervalu in Kilbarry, Waterford, has been simply exceptional in their care and attention. We are truly grateful to them.

Tomorrow is the day when restrictions will be eased and we will…keep the gate locked, continue to garden and hope for the best. It is not over yet, I’m afraid. I wish you all well, hope that you all keep safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing my grandchildren running around the garden here some day soon.

This week’s photographs:

I’ll start with a few views for there was this week, as a friend described it, a moment – that moment when the maintenance had been done, the grass cut, the edges trimmed, the hedges cut and the sun shone. There was that moment when we looked at the garden and felt happy with what we saw. Moments are fleeting; none more than in the garden and we are back to the routine again but, for now, enjoy that moment.

Acer griseum with view to White Garden
Acer griseum on the right framing a view across the back garden. Mary’s White Garden is in the centre
Yew Lawn. View to Gingko biloba
The view from where I sit with laptop on knees! Gingko biloba at the top of the garden.
View. Circular Lawn.
One of the lawns in the front garden.
View. Bulb Lawn
The bulb lawn turns to high grass and wildflowers appear
View to White Garden (2)
Mary’s white garden behind those hedges.
View Hornbeams (2)
Hornbeams to the left with a view down the garden and a glimpse to the river – The River Suir

And to flowers which looked well this week:

Click on any individual photograph to see it in a larger format and you will be able to click along in the style of a slideshow.


Aquilegias are old-fashioned flowers but old means they have found favour with gardeners over many, many years and they continue to be appreciated. These are all growing in the garden for many years now and I have forgotten the names of most of them and, indeed, they may be seedlings of those I originally grew for they self-seed with ease.


Irises have begun to open, the start of their season here:


On the roadside outside our house.


And, finally, a splash of colour and promise of much more of these beautiful tulips to come. This is Tulipa sprengeri, just opening today:

11 thoughts on “Favourite Photographs from the Last Week.

  1. Paddy. Thanks for those lovely photos of your garden. You have wonderful vistas to look out on and your lawns and borders look immaculate. Could I pick your brain please about the species tulip sperengii. I got some seeds in Feb from IGPS and potted them up end of March and covered with grit and left outside in sheltered south facing position under eves of the house. They haven’t yet germinated and I was wondering if they need a winter to break the dormancy .? Should I leave them outside or in a greenhouse . Your opinion would be appreciated. 🙏Mary

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Mary, I have a lot of Tulipa sprengeri in the garden now and I grew them originally from seed. I’d leave them outside in the shade and I agree with you that being left outside over the winter would have been a help – they will probably germinate next spring for you.


      1. They are good to germinate, Mary, so they should be alright. They self-seed in the garden here.


  2. Hi Party, love your garden and blog. You you have any greenfly or blackfly. I’ve loads and not a sign of ladybirds. I’ve some hoverflies and one dreaded lilybeetle so far. I’ve loads of birds but too many darn pigeons. I love watching the birds bathing in the water baths. It also amazes me to watch big hooded crows bathing as well.

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    1. We got a little greenfly in the glasshouse, very little, and I just rubbed them off. Nothing to bother about. Plenty of lily beetles and I squash them whenever I see them. Lots of birds – blackbirds are brilliant in the garden, I think. I credit them with eating slugs etc. We have a few pheasants which live in the garden because I feed them every morning and again during the day – one hen follows me around until I get food for her. But the food also brings the pigeons and they are a nuisance in the veg patch and I now have to protect everything I put in – young plants would be eaten in the first 24 hours without some netting to keep the pigeons away from them. Yeah, hooded crows as well.


    1. LOL My phone lost predictive text with it latest update. It’s a nuisance especially as I have chubby fingers and always make mistakes.


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