Twice in One Day!

Once would have made me happy; would have brighten my day; would have lifted my spirits and my opinion of my fellow human beings. Twice – to be the recipient of thoughtfulness and kindness twice in the one day was very nice indeed.

As my story concerned two deliverymen, it brought to mind the film title, “The Postman Always Rings Twice” but these men bore no resemblance to Jack Nicholson’s character, Frank Chambers, they were quite the opposite.

The grocery delivery from Supervalu, Kilbarry, Waterford, arrived around three o’ clock and the groceries were left, as is the arrangement, in the boxes we leave at the gate. The deliveryman has to drive on about 200 metres to the end of the road so as to turn around. On his way back past out gate he stopped and telephoned me, because we hadn’t gone to collect the shopping – “Just to let you know that the groceries are at the gate. You might want to bring the frozen things in as soon as you can; it’s fairly warm and they’ll thaw on you.” The man had done his job, efficiently, perfectly and completely satisfactorily and, no doubt, had a long list of calls ahead, but still took the time to be thoughtful, kind and helpful to someone. A good man!

An hour later, my ‘phone rang again: “Is that Paddy? I’ve a delivery from Parcel Motel, a book I’d say, and I put it on top of your pier. There’s a few drops of rain falling now so you wouldn’t want to leave it here too long.” And, he was gone! Job done with the bonus of extra kindness and thoughtfulness!

You’d have to appreciate people like that!  Good people!

On other matters – a hen pheasant came along with three little – and they were tiny – chicks today. She introduced them to us, stopped for a snack, settled down with them under her for a rest and then toddled along. We’ll see them again tomorrow.

Hen pleasant and new chicks (3)Hen pleasant and new chicks (2)Hen pleasant and new chicks (1)Cock pheasant (1)


7 thoughts on “Twice in One Day!

  1. Everyone seems more friendly, appreciative, kind and thoughtful I think during this time we find ourselves in! The world has taken a pause, to give us time to think of others and not just ourselves for a change. I walk everyday and now everyone gives a smile, a thank you and some just a nod. We are all in this together and it’s brought out a nicer side in so many. I think it’ll change us all. Love your Pheasant and family. What a great treat to have in your garden 😉

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    1. It is the ethos of the supermarket, always has been, with the nicest of people working there, always friendly, helpful etc etc. It was such a pleasure to have had dealings with two such people in one day.

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  2. It is so wonderful to see people taking the time and effort to be kind – and nicer still when that kindness is so appreciated. There is so much good in the world. And those babies! They are cute 🙂


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