The End of Days.

There will be a break, a rest, a time of indoor confinement tomorrow and over the coming weekend if the weather forecasters are accurate. This past while has been beautiful, dry days with sunshine and warm temperatures and hours and hours in the garden. Even from something which gives such pleasure, we need a change if only to appreciate what we have been enjoying by its absence.

The forecasters would seem to be accurate as we have already had a light shower. Further rain would suit me, to be honest, as I divided quite a number of primulas during this past week and have been watering them every evening since. Now, nature may do the watering, give them a respite from the strong daytime sunshine and allow them to become established again. I also moved a few Trillium plants today and they will benefit from cooler conditions as they settle in to their new positions.

Trillium albidum (1)
On the move today, some Trillium albidum
Trillium chloropetalum ex Hilary McKelvey - Oval Bed
Also on the move, an unusually coloured form of Trillium chloropetalum which was not doing well where I originally planted it.

The Trilliums were planted in a spot vacated (today) by a large patch of Disporopsis pernyi, a plant which looks like a smaller Solomon’s Seal and is semi-evergreen – last year’s foliage remaining until replaced by the current year’s growth. It grows and spreads strongly on thin rhizomes and forms a congested thick mat over a few years. I have become tired of it – I have just searched past photographs and I hadn’t taken one shot of it over the years I have grown it so, obviously, I didn’t love it greatly.  Three large trug loads of it have made their way to the compost bin but there is still enough left in place in case in comes into my favour at some time in the future. This clump will be kept strictly within the bounds set for it today!

Tulipa bakeri 'Lilac Wonder'
Tulipa bakeri ‘Lilac Wonder’ is different among tulips as it “runs” about quite vigorously but it is so pretty that this invasive tendency can be forgiven.
Tulipa bakeri 'Lilac Wonder' with moust pot
This tulip was never planted in this bed but moved across from the bed beside this one – previous photograph.

So, there will be a few days indoors. A clearing out of some old things from the attic has been mentioned and that might be interesting…but I doubt it.

From today’s walk around with the camera:

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4 thoughts on “The End of Days.

  1. I love the look of the Lilac Wonder in your photos. They have what I can only describe as a “dance of spring” look to them. I hadn’t heard of this particular variety, but I’ll have to add them to my list for next year.

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    1. I recently found an entry in a garden notebook we used keep recording Mary bringing back 5 bulbs from Mackey’s Garden Shop in Mary St., Dublin – that was in September 1988! They spread about at the root and have covered a good area since then. They are a brash and vibrant colour combination but I look forward to them every year. Best wishes. Paddy


  2. Hi paddy I would love some help. An area, actually two, in a small garden that gets very little sunlight, it’s tree shaded and also has a wall blocking most of the sun except for short periods. I want to put down something, anything, that will brighten the area up. Thanks Margo

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    1. Always a difficult situation, Margo, dry shade! It will get best light in spring and it might be worthwhile considering it as a spring garden as the trees will not have their leaves at that time and will be the time of best light, at least. Spring bulbs might suit – snowdrops, crocus, daffodils. Geraniums are an easy and reliable plant to follow on and there is a wide range of them available. Best of luck with them.


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