Asparagus, Confetti and Then it Rained and…

The rain was expected earlier today, this morning, but it was early afternoon before a light rain arrived and, as I write, it does not look like it will last for very long nor be of any consequence. This is a pity as rain would have been welcome to keep the garden and plants fresh. The primulas I divided and replanted yesterday would have appreciated it and it would have saved me the time of watering them. They had all perked up again this morning and, with an occasional watering, should be perfectly fine and will give a nice display next year.

It was the asparagus that brought me to the garden this morning as I wished to collect it before it started raining. It has begun to crop and the rain would have given it a growth spurt – more for us to enjoy – but I didn’t wish to get wet while collecting it. There was enough for our dinner today and enough is as good as a feast!

Primula White Flowers Lane
A white-flowered primula which has lived a charmed life for the last few years. It self-seeded into grass and it was only my vigilance when using the lawnmower which has spared it. It was time to put it in a safer place in the garden.  

While outside, and as the rain had not arrived, I lifted another primula and planted it with those of yesterday. It is a white-flowered seedling and made four new plants which will add to the display.

Malus floridunda (1)
Malus floribunda, a very beautiful and favourite crabapple.  The white flowers behind it are of Magnolia x soulangeana which grows in the lane and is in a later photograph. 

Malus floribunda, a crabapple I especially like, is in full flower at the moment and this prompted me to take a few photographs. The flower buds are a dark pink, nearly but not quite red, and they open to show white petals flushed pink. I find it a wonderful plant – even though it sets only the very smallest of crabs, pea-sized, and in very small number. Most crabapple trees have the advantage of ornamental fruit to give a second season of interest and are chosen with this in mind but Malus floribunda deserves its place in the garden even without this benefit.

Magnolia x soulangeana in Lane Fallen petals (4)
Magnolia x soulangeana dropping its petals in the lane.
Magnolia x soulangeana in Lane Fallen petals (2)
Another view of the lane with magnolia petals
Magnolia x soulangeana in Lane Fallen petals (1)
The lane
Magnolia 'Raspberry Ice' Fallen petals (3)
Magnolia ‘Raspberry Ice’ dropping its petals
Magnolia stellata. Box balls. Fallen petals
Magnolia stellata
Gingko 'Troll' Rock, Primula veris and fallen petals from Magnolia stellata
A scattering of petals on a raised bed; Gingko ‘Troll’ is still without foliage but Primula vulgaris is in full flower

Of course, this set me off on a wander around the garden to see what else I might photograph – hence, the “confetti” which was provided by the fallen petals of  magnolia trees – and then it rained and …

That phrase brought me back to a different time, a group of friends, and an expression we used. When somebody was telling a story, perhaps dragging on a bit, the interjection would come from one of the quips in the group, to cut the story short, “and then it rained and we all went home!”

And, so did I.

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8 thoughts on “Asparagus, Confetti and Then it Rained and…

    1. Same here, just a little drizzle for a very short while. I was talking to sons, one in Cork, another in Limerick and both report very heavy rain. We could have done with some!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It never reached us! I was talking to sons, one in Cork, another in Limerick, and both reported heavy rain all day. I would have appreciated rain for the garden today.


  1. The rain arrived during the night in Laois so I awoke to the sound of fairly persistent rain! It eventually stopped about 5 pm enabling me to dash out for a short Cocoon walk! Your photos are lovely – especially the confetti! My magnolia is only barely opening!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We had only a very short spot of the lightest rain; certainly not enough to wet the garden. We could do with a little – overnight, would be best.


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