In the Cocoon.

It’s the place to be, the cocoon that is. It’s where the government wants the elderly to be – the over 70s, that is. I don’t qualify by age but I do by experience.

The Taoiseach made this announcement last evening, telling the over 70s (and people deemed to be particularly vulnerable to the Coronavirus COVID-19) to remain in their homes and not to leave the house for any reason. I have been in my cocoon for a full fortnight now and have every intention of continuing this cocooned lifestyle for the foreseeable future, well, several weeks at least. I have crept into the late 60s and feel that is close enough for me to act prudently and follow the government guidelines.

The directive is summarised as follows:

Essentially, staying at home at all times and avoiding face-to-face contact for two weeks from today. 

This includes:

  • Strictly avoiding contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of Covid-19
  • Do not leave your house and do not attend any gatherings. 
  • Do not go out for shopping and, when arranging food or medication deliveries, these should be left at the door to minimise contact.

These are quite drastic measures, enforceable by law, but essential at the moment and I will gladly comply. Quite honestly, apart from a little concern about ensuring an adequate supply of foodstuff, it is not a huge imposition. The garden is a wonderful pastime; the camera occupies moments pleasantly and there is always a book to be read and words to be scribbled – “paper never refused ink” must surely have a modern equivalent to take the keyboard into account.

There have been heart-warming moments – a telephone call from a neighbour to check if we were alright for everything; if we needed anything in the shop etc. A query to our regular supermarket (Supervalu) re a difficulty of securing a “delivery slot” had a speedy response with a name and a personal telephone number to call with the reassurance that a delivery would be arranged to suit us. Such thoughtfulness and kindness are greatly appreciated in our present circumstances.

“Let’s be careful out there!” as Sgt. Phil Esterhaus used say in Hill St. Blues.

And, for your amusement, a set of photographs from the garden:

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