November 1st Garden Walk

We are enjoying a wonderful break in the weather today – yesterday was a day of persistent heavy rain; tomorrow will be a day of persistent heavy rain with strong winds while today is a day of persistent light rain, such a relief! Pfffffffff!

Any thoughts of actually going outside and doing some gardening is completely out of the question as the ground in parts of the garden is so soft that one’s feet sink and leave deep muddy prints and there is also the clear danger of slipping though, at least, the landing would be soft. Nonetheless, it cleared sufficiently to allow me outdoors for a short while with the camera.

White Garden Shade Garden View against light
There’s the break in the clouds this morning, the one bright spot in the day when I managed to get outdoors for a short while.
Gingko biloba view
From the living-room window – Gingko biloba is suddenly looking very bare.

My eye was caught by the quite sudden change in colour in Euonymous planipes. For most of the year it is rather a dull and not every interesting small tree. At this time of the year the orange seeds emerge from the red seedpods and dangle from the branches, almost like early Christmas decorations. This display alone is very attractive but the tree steals the show when the leaves change to light buttery yellows, gentle reds and oranges. It is not the most strikingly coloured of autumn displays but I find it beautifully attractive.

Euonymous planipes (1)
Euonymous planipes suddenly into its autumn colour – which is short-lived, unfortunately
Euonymous planipes (2)
Euonymous planipes – Gentle foliage colour and the striking orange seeds dangling from red seedpods.

Elsewhere, in the garden, there are other spots of colour and seasonal interest and I’ll let the photographs and captions tell the story.

“The Lane”

The Lane (3)
“The Lane” has the feeling of woodland and colours up well in autumn.
The Lane with Acer 'Senkaki'
Near the end of “The Lane” Acer ‘Senkaki’ puts on wonderful colour each year.

Near the house:

Hosta 'Guacamole' with seat on patio, autumn colour
Hosta ‘Guacamole‘ well into decline but giving a final splash of colour before being cut down for this year. It has proved an excellent plant to grow in a pot.
Nerine x bowdenii against house
Nerine x bowdenii planted against the wall of the house. These bulbs love to be baked for the summer and respond to autumn rain by quickly coming into flower.
Parthenocissus henryana on garage
Parthenocissus henryana growing on the back of the garage. It flowers very attractively, colours wonderfully in autumn, but does need to be pruned regularly or it would clamber over the roof very quickly.

Some Trees: 

Acer under Hamamelis x intermedia
A small Acer japonicaunder Hamamelis x intermedia. Both colour well in autumn and the maple has a selection of interesting snowdrops planted underneath which will flower before Christmas.
Crataegus prunifolius autumn colour and berries (1)
Crataegus prunifolius, a hawthorn, which must be one of the very best value trees in the garden as it has an excellent show of blossom earlier in the year, colours well in autumn and always has a heavy crop of haws.
Crataegus prunifolius autumn colour and berries (2)
Crataegus prunifolius – colourful foliage and attractive haws. (It also has the most vicious thorns, by the way!)
Evodia daniellii view
Evodia daniellii, the Bee-Bee Tree, which lives up to its names and attracts swarms of bees when in flower.
Parrotia persica Abies koreana Cornus alternifolius 'Argentea'
Parrotia persica, Ironwood, which always colours brilliantly. In the centre is Abies koreana and, to the right, Cornus alternifolia ‘Argentea’
Sorbus 'Autumn Spire' view to river autumn colour
A young specimen of Sorbus ‘Autumn Spire’ which promises to be an excellent plant in the garden – blossom, berry and autumn colour as well as good shape.

And, finally, a Few Odds and Ends!

Hydrangea bed John's house
A bed of hydrangeas still holding colour and interest
Geranium autumn colour
A geranium with the old foliage showing nice autumnal colouring.
Roscoea autumn colour foliage
An unexpected bright spot – the foliage of a little clump of Roscoea!
Liriope muscari
Liriope muscari at its very best at the moment.
Cyclamen purpurascens with acer
Cyclamen purpurascens to the left with Cyclamen hederifolium to the right, both wonderful plants for flower and foliage at this time of the year.
Gingko biloba 'Troll'
And, finally, a miniature tree, Gingko biloba ‘Troll’ which colours up very well and which I have underplanted with Cyclamen coum.

On the indoor scene, the Christmas puddings are being cooked today! Yum! Yum!

By the way, your comments would be most welcomed – it’s interesting to hear from people!

9 thoughts on “November 1st Garden Walk

  1. Lovely colours Paddy. Weather is awful .We had 4 days of persistent rain and gales on Monday and Tuesday. Today was dry until lunchtime so got out and collected some leaves. That bee-bee tree is lovely, saw one in Lismore castle

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And we had the opposite – good weather earlier in the week but miserable yesterday and today. I got a lot done on Monday and Tuesday. There was a great, huge, Bee Bee Tree in Mount Usher – to the left as you reached the herbaceous borders shortly after entering – but a tree fell on it during a storm and broke it. It is regrowing but will never be the same again. There’s a good on in Mount Congreve though you would need to know where to look to find it.


    1. I think it would be up an over the garage within a year. I cut back new growths of up to six feet each year – they are light and thin and easy to manage so it isn’t a big bother.

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  2. Paddy,

    I can only heap more praise on your horticultural endeavors. I take great pleasure visiting gardens throughout Ireland in all seasons, and although I love the blaze of colour in early summer I have always had a particular liking for this ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’.

    As one who only has a very rudimentary understanding of plants & planting, I am constantly pilfering ideas from your planting ideas & combinations, that is why I look forward so much to the images & commentary from your own garden.

    It has been said that a house without a garden is like a life without a soul, something I believe to be absolutely true.

    When visiting St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick earlier this year I noticed a little area planted out. A plaque on the wall reads: ‘The kiss of the sun for pardon,/ the song of the bird for mirth,/ one is nearer God’s heart in the garden / than any place on earth’. Some may pooh-pooh such thoughts as trite sentimentalism, but I wholly concur.

    Thank you Paddy for sharing your garden & your experiences.

    With every good wish,


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks! Today is without rain so we have been able to do a little outdoors – very little as the ground is frightfully soft.


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