She has a Heart of Stone but…

She certainly has a heart of stone, the rest of the body is stone also. Her nose was broken at some time and there is a crack on her neck showing where she has had some “work” done so her appearance is, obviously, just a little less than perfect. However, I was still taken by her. She had an appeal. She caught my eye and stole my heart.


From her setting, it was obvious that I was not the only one who treasured her and that delighted me. She had her own garden, a space all to herself and that seemed appropriate. She was not an incidental ornament in a garden but held a central status, a focal point, richly deserved and it pleased me that some slight imperfections had not lead to her relocation to some obscure corner. Wear and tear are part of life, signs of having lived and are to be treasured rather than being disdained.




5 thoughts on “She has a Heart of Stone but…

  1. I agree, the setting is so beautiful, I always pay her a visit when I go to see the woodland garden. A good example of “less is more” I think. This garden is only half an hour away from here and visitors are always taken, hopefully they enjoy it as much as I do!

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