Even on a Bad Day!

We can all, at times, work to the motto sometimes seen on sundials, “I only count the sunny hours”. This is especially true of photographers who will inevitably seek out the most pleasant views, say in a garden, and ignore the less attractive pictures which may well present themselves. Likewise, if we have a choice, we will often choose not to visit a garden on a dull or wet day – few of us wish to be outside on such occasions and they are not best for the camera either.

Yesterday, was such a day with rain all morning and an afternoon of dull, cloudy weather with the constant threat of further rain. Working in our own garden was out of the question so we decided to go for a walk in Mount Congreve Gardens – a walk, mind you, and not the usual stroll around with the camera. It is a testament to the gardens that there is much of interest in the woodland even on such a miserable day and when the main season of the woodland is past its best.

I passed by the Paeonia Borders in The Walled Garde as I had spent quite a while there only earlier in the week, quickly through The Pleasure Garden – just a few seconds to snap the fabulous white wisteria which is in full flower – and on for a walk, a proper walk with no dallying- around the woodland garden. Nonetheless, there was plenty to see and plenty to photograph – a beautiful plant will always stop you in your tracks and tempt you to take a photograph. And so it should be – we should always be willing to stop and enjoy beauty and take the time to take that snap!

Wisteria sinensis var Alba (1)
Wisteria floribunda ‘Shiro noda’ in The Pleasure Garden
Wisteria sinensis var Alba (3)
This gate is known as The Bell Gate as there was once a bell mounted above it to mark the various times of the work day for the gardeners
Wisteria sinensis var Alba (2)
Wisteris sinensis var Alba with Lonicera x tellmanniana
Primulas and rhododendrons (1)
A beautiful drift of primulas – mainly Primula japonica ‘Postford’s White’
Meconopsis betonicifolia (2)
Meconopsis betonicifolia
Meconopsis betonicifolia (1)
Meconopsis betonicifolia, a white-flowered form
Dicksonia antarctica near ponds
Dicksonia antarctica, a striking plant

Dicksonia antarctica in Doyle's Wood

Acer 'Villa Taranto'
There are many maples through the garden but Acer ‘Villa Taranto’ is my clear favourite
Cornus with view to house (1)
A view to the house with dogwoods in flower

And, there are always rhododendrons!

Rhododendron pinkish yellow in Doyle's Wood

Rhododendron white in Doyle's Wood

Rhododendron opposite Paddy's Wall (3)

Magnolia red in Doyle's Wood (1)

Magnolia near Rockery - just to Mag Walk side

Rhododendron in Doyle's Wood (3)

And, finally, a little accidental combination as the white wisteria has come over the wall from The Pleasure Garden to combine with this beautiful red rose on the other side:

Rose and White wisteria outside Pleasure Garden Wall in Bell Gate Lawn (2)




9 thoughts on “Even on a Bad Day!

    1. No, they have even become a struggle for us with warming weather. They need cool and damp conditions but they are easier than other meconopsis.

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  1. Wonderful photos of a most fantastic garden. We had the very great pleasure of visiting early in May and were totally smitten 🥰. Congratulations to all involved.

    Liked by 1 person

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