The Chocolate Box Scene at The Bay Garden

The lie of the land brings you there; the footpaths through the dappled shade of the woodland garden lead you there; the light ahead on the shady walks tell you that there is something ahead and, though I have gone there many times, it still comes as a surprise and a delight. It is always the place I want to reach when we visit The Bay Garden in Camolin, Co. Wexford and it remains, in my opinion, the most beautiful garden scene in the country.

The Bay Garden (17)

The Bay Garden (22)

The Bay Garden (32)

I like it because of its naturalness, its total lack of pretense and its simplicity. It is not a scene created with nor depending on any great architecture, no hard-landscaping and, indeed, no great expense. It is, in a sense, something we all might create – or so we might like to believe – but, truth be told, creating simplicity is either something learned through years of practice or, as I imagine in this case, something done intuitively, with an ease and a feel for what works and what looks well. Whatever or however, it works and it is simply beautiful.

Many thanks to Iain and Frances MacDonald for all the pleasure this scene, and the rest of the garden, have given over the years.

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