At the 11th Hour!

I believe that had life not provided me, regularly and repeatedly, with an eleventh hour much would have been left undone. Working close to a deadline seems to have always brought out a diligence in me which is absent at other times. I still fondly recall a college essay, on a book which I had not read, receiving top marks and coming in for special mention from the lecturer though it was written on the night before the final day to submit it.  After a lifetime of such last minutes I begin to wonder if I have made “It’ll be alright on the night” a motto for life rather than a title for a television comedy show.

Here we are at New Year’s Eve, a time to reflect and a time for new resolutions. Should I give up my eleventh hour habits? I don’t think so! I really can’t be bothered with these New Year resolutions. They haven’t been part of my life to date and it is very unlikely they will feature from now out. (I should have said “going forward” there – it is the current hackneyed expression – but I couldn’t bring myself to do so.)

No, life will go on pretty much as it has gone on, enjoying our family, gardening, garden visits – though I might make one New Year’s resolution to make more frequent visits to Mount Congreve which is very close to us and which I hadn’t visited nearly enough this past season.

Presently, snowdrops are the highlight of the garden with quite a few cultivars in flower ahead of their normal timing due to the very mild weather we have had. Witch hazel and hellebores might attempt to steal the show but my heart is with the snowdrops.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And…at the 11th hour!…many thanks to you who have come to read my occasional blogs. I tell myself that I write them for myself, that I enjoy writing them – and I sincerely do – but it is always very flattering to meet somebody, usually at a garden visit or some such event, and have them comment that they enjoyed a blog I wrote. Thank you to these, generally silent and anonymous readers, and to those who very generously comment here on the blog. My thanks to you and and a very Happy New Year to you all.

14 thoughts on “At the 11th Hour!

  1. Hi Paddy, I so enjoy reading your blog and of course, enjoying those gorgeous photos you take. I can’t believe your snow drops are out already! My hellebores are only just starting to “shine”. I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! 🙂

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    1. Happy New Year! We’ve had a very mild winter and have had snowdrops in flower in the garden since November (and some in the glasshouse since the first week of October)


  2. You are so right to resolutely ignore resolutions Paddy! Keep those blogs coming thats all I ask! Enjoyed them so much and hope to continue to do so. Love to you both from both of us.

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