So Usher-ly Kind!

On a recent visit to Mount Usher Gardens I received a most unexpected greeting from the lady in the Ticket Office, “Aren’t you Paddy Tobin, the photographer?”

I didn’t know how to reply. Yes, she had my name and I do enjoy photography – as a pastime – but have never regarded myself as a photographer, which had a tone of professionalism about it. She explained that she had seen my photographs from a previous visit and had enjoyed them. It was a nice start to our visit to the garden; I was a bit chuffed with myself – never too old to enjoy a compliment!

This autumn has been especially good for foliage colour at Mount Usher gardens; it has been good everywhere following our long and hot summer but it is always extra special at Mount Usher with excellent planting and river reflections and I put another set of photographs on Facebook.

Mount Usher (40)

Shortly afterwards I was contacted by David Strawbridge and by Hedda (the lady in the Ticket Office) to thank me for posting my photographs of the gardens and to offer me a gift of a season ticket to the gardens – and another one for next year as this season is almost over.

The ticket arrived in today’s post and I am delighted. It is so nice to be the recipient of such a kindness.

Mount Usher ticket

So, Many thanks to David and Hedda and I look forward to many more visits to Mount Usher.


11 thoughts on “So Usher-ly Kind!

  1. Well done, Paddy…accolades for your photography are well deserved. And the season ticket just reward for the wide promotion you give Mt Usher. Even I in far-away NZ have put it on my to-visit list if/when I travel to Ireland. I would not have known about it if it wasn’t for you and your wonderful photos.

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    1. Many thanks, Carol. Photography is a pleasant pastime for me and the actions of the people at Mount Usher was quite unexpected and deeply appreciated. An unsolicited kindness!


      1. It came so unexpectedly and was such a nice thing for them to do. I go to the garden anyway and have for years – making a special point of visiting in spring and again in autumn which are the two times the gardens put on an extra special display.


  2. I thought you were a professional photographer! Well done so love looking at your photographs and makes me want to visit Mount Usher, so congratulations.

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    1. Goodness, no, Dolores. I have always enjoyed photography, since my 20s, but purely as a pastime so it was very flattering to be complimented so thoughtfully by the people at Mount Usher. You’ll certainly have to visit the gardens there as they are so very beautiful.


  3. But Paddy and Mary You have been so kind to so many people so often that its lovely to see you receiving kindness. And believe me you ARE a photographer and a brilliant one and if you keep listening to Mary you will eventually end up an excellent gardener as well!!!!!!!!!

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