A Less Mundane Morning

The daily morning walk can become routine, dull even; almost a non- event and I often pass the little landmarks of our surrounding fields without a second glance. Thankfully, there are also occasional special mornings which make everything fresh and interesting again and the mundane is reinvigorated, snazzed up, sparkling and beautiful.

Farm walk (1)
Heading to my neighbour’s farm early in the morning. Fog lies heavily and regularly on this land beside the river.
Farm walk (3)
There is a large bridge in this view, honestly! 
Farm walk (10)
The fog is lifting and a low winter sun lights up the fields
Farm walk (14)
These fields flood regularly in winter and have been traditionally used as summer pastures 
Farm walk (12)
Frost lingers on the grass and fog on the river but it is lifting quickly
Farm walk (8)
The river is clearing and it is becoming a beautiful morning. 
Farm walk (5)
There is only a wisp of fog lying on the river and Grannagh Castle appears clear and sparkling. 
Farm walk (21)
And the bridge reappears! 
Farm walk (22)
Why is “Dusty” so unimpressed with all of this? 


4 thoughts on “A Less Mundane Morning

    1. LOL I generally try to frame my photographs to exclude it but It is a marvel of engineering. Being so close it was very interesting to watch it in construction and I was brought in around the site regularly – even to the very top of the central support of the bridge which gave wonderful views.

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